Week in Review - May 8th to 12th

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review!

The ball started rolling on Monday with our Games of the Month releases. It's quite a list and as always, things are subject to change but with releases from NISA and new Warriors with the Spirit of Sanada coming out? It should be a good month!

"Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen, Bloodborne and even the new upcoming Code Vein all have one thing in common that The Surge doesn't. They are fantasy settings while the The Surge has gone a high tech route. I'm hoping it works out! "
- Pierre-Yves
The afternoon saw Nick's dive into virtual reality with Rick and Morty

"We have gotten good mileage out of the title and all four of us enjoyed our time with Rick and Morty's ridiculous antics."
- Nick

Tuesday saw our first Utomik content review with Onion Force. I've been enjoying the provided service so far and there are still a few more titles to come before our provided trial subscription comes to an end.

"Because of this steep curve in difficulty, Onion Force won't be for everyone but fans of Tower Defense, especially challenging ones, should have a fun time with this."
- Pierre-Yves
Our double featured articles per day continued on Tuesday with Nick's Review of Expeditions Vikings.

"If like me, you are a fan of strategy/RPG hybrids, Expeditions: Viking provides a fun experience. A handful of technical issues aside, there is a great blend of tactical combat, a story that actually gives weight to your choices and a handful of progression systems that keep the carrot dangling effectively in front of you throughout the thirty to forty hour journey. "
- Nick

Wednesday started off strong with Nick's review of the newest content to grace The Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII with the Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII - Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack is really my idea of great DLC. Much more than some cosmetic bonuses, you get something that actually adds depth and replay value to a base game."
- Nick
The afternoon saw my impressions on the PS4 release of Zheros which hosts one of the best Brawler combat systems that I've ever had the chance to get my hands on. Sadly the rest didn't hold up as well.

"Zheros showed great promise but for the current moment in time the overall package needs some work. Tweaking the larger and mechanically broken enemies as well as the stage select would be the best start and that alone would make it a great deal better."
- Pierre-Yves

Thursday saw our first Preview of the week with Antihero. Turned based 1v1 tactical Victorian thief-off which is already shaping out to be something amazing.

"If what is currently available is any indication of the final product, Antihero is going to be good. The overall system is smooth and already well designed..."
- Pierre-Yves
Following on the Preview train is Nick's impressions of Marvel's Heroes Omega on the PS4.

"Though Marvel Heroes Omega is slated for a proper, full release this spring, I have to say overall the experience is looking very good so far. I enjoy MMOs and the game plays just like I had hoped it would on console."
- Nick

Friday started off with our next Utomik review with Meltdown. I had a blast with this one and hope to see a console release of this at some point as it would do very well on either the PS4 or XB1 (or both)

" Meltdown is a good source of quick fun that can be picked up and put down whenever you need to. Built for long stretches just as much as short ones you can always invite a friend along to tackle the robots or join someone randomly online! "
- Pierre-Yves
Combo breaking Nick and I's back and forth of Reviews and Previews Robert ends the week with a bang of Tesoro's Excalibur Hardware Review.

"Spill resistant for those less graceful users, flashy for the inner child, clicky for the mischievous computer user that likes to let everyone in the vicinity know exactly how fast they are typing and extra durable for those bouts of heated discussion that everyone (and I mean everyone) seems to get into on the internet; this keyboard has it all, while still managing to look great doing it."
- Robert

Article by Pierre-Yves


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