#NoDRM Summer Sale by Good Old Games

Here is a good one for people who like their PC gaming cheap and have an affinity for older titles.

Good Old Games - or http://gog.com - has a summer sale going right now that is going to be tough to top. They are promising over 500 games at 50% off, including Daily deals of up to 85% off. At least, that is what they are advertising - they are topping that right now though.

The Definitive Dungeons and Dragons collection is 80% off right now - so what is normally $105.90 is $21.10. They also have a Wide A. Wake Bundle - Alan Wake _ Alan Wake's American Nightmare for 90% off - normally $44.98 but for a day $4.48.

On top of that, you can get torchlight for free if you act by June 20th, 19.59 GMT.

The link in my email took me here, and hopefully you find a good deal or two that interests you. I already had all of these at some point or another, but if by chance you have not yet played Torchlight? Well, it is hard to beat this deal.

I have one more review coming that should post in a bit this morning, and then I am off for several days, heading up north with my wife to celebrate our fifteen year anniversary together (the actual date is still a week off, but this was our only completely free weekend for about a month). I will be back to getting a couple of posts out next week though - they are already queued up and ready to roll. I hope you have a great weekend of your own!