Rain - E3 trailer of what looks like a unique game

This was one of those short teases during Sony's conference, but the music, visuals - just something about it immediately caught my eye.

I have the trailer below, but also a second, more in depth video where an interview gives us more insight to the upcoming title.

Does this one look interesting to anyone else out there?



  1. YES, I'm very interested in this one, along with Transistor and a bunch of other indie games being prepped for PS4. I love that people are going out on limbs to make such interesting games.

  2. Transistor was another one that really caught my eye as well. Bastion alone earned them some credit, but Transistor did look quite cool. And I agree - it felt like Sony is really encouraging this kind of development - and it has me REALLY excited about the kinds of titles we may be getting to see over the next year. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I can't say from watching the trailer, it would have caught my interest.

    The concept sounds pretty interesting in the second video, but not really sure how it will all play out and come together. It sounds like a Splinter Cell stay-in-the-shadows (or, make sure to use an umbrella) type game, but without weapons?

  4. Yeah, the additional information is definitely nice - but in some ways raised more questions than answering them. Something about the music and visual aesthetics in the top teaser just appealed to me - not sure why. Thanks for the comment!

  5. The music in the trailer, reminded me of Endless Ocean sort of.

  6. It does look interesting, certainly has some potential for a unique experience. Kind of wild that you can't see yourself at all at some points without the rain or bumping into the environment.

    Perhaps there will be a cheapo PS3 option when the PS4 hits. :)

  7. Maybe - but I've only heard PS4 so far. Unfortunately the system architecture is so different, that I suspect most smaller studios will be stuck choosing between one or the other - and that will be a tough call: develop for the new tech, or for the larger install base?

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. I kept hearing ps3, but it doesn't really matter. Either system means a purchase for me. I agree, it'll probably take awhile to get devs ramped up on ps4, especially smaller ones.


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