A couple more feathers IN Sony's E3 cap

Shuhei Yoshida made a couple of twitter announcements that likely made fans of the upcoming PlayStation 4 just a little bit happier.

First, the PS4 is going to be region free. The last I had heard, this was not the case for the Xbox One. Personally, I do not make much use out of the feature, but I know a lot of people who do and they will be thrilled by this.

Next up - the question I have been most waiting for? Well, see the image above. Both PlayStation Life Style and My Gaming pointed to a tweet - pictured above, that sure makes it look like one account on a system that is PlayStation Plus will allow everyone multiplayer access. I also tweeted out to Yoshida, just looking for 100% confirmation of this - and I would love to know the details of how that works.

Also, Yoshida confirmed via twitter that the PlayStation 4 apps like Netflix and Hulu will not require PlayStation Plus for access - something that the current Microsoft Xbox Live does require on the 360.



  1. Huh. I didn't know it'll be region-free -- that's VERY good news, IMO. As for the second feather: sounds good to me, although it wouldn't matter much in my household :|

  2. It's a real big deal in mine. I was super excited about everything on the Sony ending portion of the conference - until they got to that slide about needing PS+ for multiplayer. The idea of needing 3-5 accounts so everyone in my house could access the content was concerning - so for me, who already subscribes? This is great news - no additional cost from my standpoint.

    thanks for dropping by!

  3. Ah, that makes sense! Yes, needing 3-5 accounts would be crazy. Cool that you won't have to deal with that. In my house, I'm the only gamer, so only one account for me no matter what :|

  4. I know some like the region free stuff, it's never been an issue for me. I have never imported a game, or a console, but interesting to see them continue that way.

    Good that Netflix and Hulu, and hopefully all other non-multiplayer apps are free for use.

  5. I suspect the apps will remain PS+ free. That slide that caught my eye during Sony's presentation was the line about PS+ offering multiplayer. As soon as I read that I was like: So... you're not offering it otherwise?

    Very excited to hear one account is all that is needed per system.

    Glad you dropped by!


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