Free Fable 3, E3, lots of posts coming soon... - Updated!

Good morning - I hope everyone had a nice weekend? Mine was good - busy, but good. Equal parts yard work, playing Persona 4 Golden, playing Magic: The Gathering both with cards and on the PC with my son, playing Rush Bros with my son, watching the season finale of Game of Thrones and more. Oh, and writing lots of reviews.

So, first off - Fable 3 is apparently free on Xbox Live Marketplace for gold subscribers right now, according to this article on IGN. Sadly, I did not get a chance to test this, but I'll have my son try it later and confirm. I have read quite a few comments that says 'not available in my region' - so it may be Europe-only? I have not played either the first or third in the series - my son played the third some time ago when borrowing it from a friend and ran into a game-breaking glitch that he was never able to work around. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Fable II and would definitely give this one a go. I will try it tonight if my son does not get to today (the lucky bugger just started his summer vacation).

** Update: A co-worker tried this and showed me how he did it via the xbox website. You can search up Fable 3, choose the purchase option (it will show a cost of 19.99) - but then switch the payment method to Microsoft Points, and it will let you have it for free. Thanks for the tip, T1ckles!

Moving on, I mentioned something about writing some reviews. Well, I have enough pre-written now that I can post 3 a week for the next 8 weeks, so there should be content coming. A lot of them are older titles, and a few Gaming Thoughts pieces, but some newer stuff is in there as well. Speaking of newer stuff, I have reviews for Unearthed, Class of Heroes 2 and Rush Bros all coming over the next few days, as well as my usual spot E3 coverage and thoughts.

We have been getting a lot of traffic around here lately - about a thousand visitors a day. I really appreciate the visits and even more so, the comments that allow me to hear what you all think as well. Those conversations are a lot more fun for me than just spouting whatever is on my mind, so keep them coming - I do appreciate them! Next up - my Unearthed Review around 9am EST. It's right in-theme with the Uncharted reviews, though it brings almost none of the quality to the table that Uncharted does. Take care until then!


  1. Do you know why Fable 3 is free? This is very odd.

  2. I am guessing just for the E3 announcements?


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