No shortage of things going live over the next week - Gaming Thoughts...

Last weekend was obviously a pretty busy one for me with my vacation up north, but this is turning out to be one of my busier weeks coming up as well - at least in terms of gaming. With Magic 2014, Super Splatters and Project X Zone all landing, I plan to get reviews up for each very soon.

On top of that, I have an interview with Sagi Koren of The Splatters team to post live here shortly as well - good stuff. On top of that, I should be getting The Last of Us in my hands within the next few days, and have been spending some time with the NCAA football demo that's out there now - that title is just around the corner as well.

So, this is amounting to my craziest week or two of gaming in some time. How about you? Anything in particular right around the corner - or that just released - that has your interest?


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  1. I have been swamped collecting data these last few weeks. Particularly this week. Lots of coffee, little sleep.

    Can't say I'm looking at grabbing anything soon, as I have two new Wii U games in the collection that I'll be playing next...after I get done playing some matches in Black Ops II to get some Double XP! :)


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