Battlefront teaser provides A New Hope

I enjoy the Battlefield games for brief periods of time, but I sunk loads of time into the Star Wars: Battlefront titles in years past. Among my favorite shooters of all time (I am a huge Star Wars fan), I was beginning to think I would never see another Battlefront title again.

The idea that DICE will be making the new Battlefront on Frostbite 3 sounds pretty enticing. The one bit I am still uncertain of is "Platform and release information will be revealed at a later date." I do not foresee this being exclusive to one system or the other - EA likes money and I figure they will get a title like this out to as many platforms as possible - but I would still like to hear something official on that front.

In the meantime, here is the teaser trailer:

What about you? Excited by this one? More interested in Battlefield 4? Couldn't care less - just another shooter?


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