Super Smash Bros. - E3

Super Smash Bros. is one of those titles Nintendo can generally count on to be a hit. It sells systems. This is probably something Nintendo needs a bit more of. The GameCube and Wii versions of this game still get played in our household, and as soon as my son saw this trailer for the 3DS, he told me that this was the next game he was saving up for.

It has been reported that the roster for both the Wii U and 3DS will be the exact same, and they have thrown in some pretty zany new characters including Mega Man and the Wii Fit Trainer. I get the feeling this one will find its way into our library sooner than later.



  1. That screen shot....Mario has a flash kick?

    Mega Man is a good addition to Smash Bros.

  2. Now, will Zelda have a Sonic Boom? :) I agree, Mega Man was a good fit. A little Samus/Star Fox like. The Wii Trainer had me shaking my head a bit - but laughing too

  3. I was stoked for the trailer of the new Smash. Adding Mega Man to the roster is something myself and many others dreamed would happen. I also like that Villager from Animal Crossing is joining the battle as well as Wii Fit Trainer. She looks like she'll be interesting to play as.

  4. What is cool is seeing that there appear to be some pretty distinctive fighting styles from the new characters - Wii Fit Trainer looks to handle very differently from say, Mega Man. Of course, ranged vs melee is almost always what it boils down to - but more variety is not a bad thing. Thanks for dropping by!


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