Arcade Typing Games 'OUTSHINE' Redefines the Keyboard Warrior November 3rd!

Mons, Belgium, October 12, 2022 —
Developer Fishing Cactus and Publisher Plug In Digital have announced fast-paced arcade typing game Outshine will launch for PC via Steam on October 3. Glide across the keyboard and use words to trounce enemies, topple bosses, and enact your vengeance. Master the keys and use Hue’s powers wisely to accumulate points, multipliers, and a coveted place on the leaderboard.

In Outshine, players dash across virtual highways as a glowing humanoid named Hue on a quest to dismantle the Shards and their cruel experiments. Dodge traps and incoming attacks while monitoring your environment for new words to type. Input keys swiftly and precisely to unlock special moves, like the ability to unleash lightning bolts onto foes.

Customize the experience with modifiers like auto-pilot, infinite abilities, and mirror words and replay runs with new rules. Type to the top with a variety of key layouts: Qwerty, Azerty, Qwertz, Dvorak, Colemak, BÉPO, and more are supported. From menus to combat, Outshine can be enjoyed with just a keyboard - no mice necessary!

Key Features

     Enjoy breakneck arcade-stylized typing gameplay with just your keyboard

     Plug into a journey of retribution set in a digitized universe

     Improve your input speed to decimate enemies, collect points, and climb the leaderboard

     Bolt across 18 visually dynamic levels spread across three virtual worlds

     Master new keyboard layouts or customize the experience with modifiers

     Explore accessibility features like Open Dyslexic Font and Colorblind Mode

     Experience the game with English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish text localizations

     Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Polish text support is on the way!

Outshine launches for PC via Steam on November 3rd. To keep up to date with the latest information on the title, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, join our Discord, visit our website, and wishlist the game on Steam.

Fishing Cactus is an independent game developer based in Mons, Belgium. The company strives to showcase that original game ideas can thrive in a nation without many studios. Fishing Cactus is the creator behind the award-winning, positively received typing game Epistory - Typing Chronicles, an atmospheric adventure folded in an origami world. For more information on the developer and its portfolio, please visit

About Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital is one of the world’s largest independent video game distributors and helps studios and publishers distribute their games worldwide on PC, cloud, console and mobile platforms. Plug In Digital supports companies like Bandai Namco, Paradox Interactive, Konami, Focus Home Interactive, Raw Fury, Curve Digital, and Nacon, and is a key partner in indie success stories like Dead Cells, Human Fall Flat, and Ghost of a Tale. For more information, please visit

Article by: Susan N.