Zombie Cure Lab, Apocalyptic Base Builder, Out Dec. 7 in Steam Early Access

Reverse the apocalypse by curing, not killing, the undead hordes.

MUNICH — Oct. 19, 2022Zombie Cure Lab, the undead treatment lab builder from the AAA sim vets at publisher Aerosoft and fun-loving problem solving developers at Thera Bytes, begins experiments to save the human race on Steam Early Access for PC Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022.

As the world ends, the last remaining humans hide underground, emerging to find a whole heap of zombies where their friends once stood. But with a little ingenuity, these walkers can become allies once more!

Command a colony of heroic scientists on a quest to restore the world. Start the adventure by gathering natural resources in the woodlands and summits. Prepare for the first night with fortifications and a rudimentary base, giving the scientists just enough stability and defense to stay alive. With a foothold established, set traps for the zombies and attempt to snag one. Take it back to the lab and attempt to reverse the infection.

Eureka! The zombie is a humble human once more. One down, only 500 million to go!

Manage the workforce, both original scientists and newly converted human-zombie hybrids alike, to keep them happy and hearty, ready to research and work. Setup kitchens, recreational spaces, and other creature comforts. Research and unlock sci-fi tech like freeze rays and barriers to capture more zombies. Expand the lab’s manpower and resources to rewind history and save all of mankind.With time, meticulous planning, and precise management, the undead hordes will soon become the Working Dead. But stay vigilant, as Humbies are unpredictable. Go above and beyond their basic needs, lest their primal, flesh-eating instincts claw back to the surface.

Zombie Cure Lab is very different from every other zombie-focused game on the market,” said Maarten Janello, Product Manager at Aerosoft. “The adventure is colorful and charming, but demanding survival gameplay comes from a world-changing objective—to not just weather the night, but capture and cure your attackers. We hope this subversive take on the genre and zombie lore entertains diehard strategy fans and zombie enthusiasts alike.”

Zombie Cure Lab will be available via Steam Early Access for PC on Dec. 7 for $24.99 USD. A limited-time release discount of 20% will make the launch price $19.96 USD. Supported languages include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and simplified Chinese. Development of Zombie Cure Lab is financially supported by FFF Bayern and the budgetary funds of the Free State of Bavaria. Analyze Zombie Cure Lab on the official website, follow @ZombieCureLab on Twitter, check out the latest development updates on YouTube, and join the official Discord server.

About Aerosoft - “The Simulation Experts”

With more than 30 employees and more than 50 free developers worldwide as well as numerous cooperations, Aerosoft is one of the leading software manufacturers and publishers worldwide in the field of simulation games today. Thanks to its strong distribution partners in Europe, South America and the USA, Aerosoft today generates more than 50% of its sales abroad. The high quality standard of the products is repeatedly proven by international awards and a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%. The Aerosoft online shop currently offers one of the largest PC simulation ranges in the world, with nearly 1000 products.

For more information, visit their official website.

About Thera Bytes

The people of Thera Bytes love games, adore science, and strive to educate and empower gamers at the intersection of both. By addressing serious real-world problems with playful, exploratory solutions, games and health can become intrinsic. To that end, Thera Bytes develops both original game IP and problem-solving applications for the healthcare sector.

Article by: Susan N.



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