Midjiwan AB Reveals Launch Trailer for 4x Strategy Game 'The Battle of Polytopia'

Stockholm, Sweden, October 13, 2022 —
Independent developer Midjiwan AB has announced that its turn-based 4x strategy sensation The Battleof Polytopia is now available on Nintendo Switch™. A free demo that includes four tribes - Xin-Xi, Imperius, Bardur, and Oumaji - is also out now. Download the demo today and play as long as you wish without making in-game purchases.

The Battle of Polytopia on Nintendo Switch includes all main tribes currently available in the game’s Steam, App Store, and Google Play versions, plus joystick and touchscreen functionality. It marks the first time the superhit, which has been downloaded over 16 million times across other platforms, is available on home consoles.

Known for its strategic depth, simple interface and visually distinct art style, The Battle of Polytopia has players become rulers of one of 12 tribes, each with their own unique characteristics and technologies. Study, learn, and fight against other tribes to secure your civilization’s right to exist in a cute but deadly alien world.

“The Battle of Polytopia has proven to be a dynamic and ever-changing haven for strategy lovers everywhere,” says Christian Lovstedt, GM at Midjiwan AB. “We’re excited to welcome Nintendo Switch owners to all the depth and complexity the game has to offer.”

A complete list of features found in The Battle of Polytopia on Nintendo Switch is below:

     4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate).

     Exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare, and technology research.

     All 12 Regular Tribes: Xin-Xi, Imperius, Bardur, Oumaji, Kickoo, Hoodrick, Luxidoor, Vengir, Zebasi, Ai-Mo, Quetzali, Yădakk.

     Three game modes – Perfection, Domination, and Creative.

     Mirror Matches (meet opponents with the same tribe).

     Configurable map types – Dryland, Lake, Continents, Archipelago, and Water World.

     Wide range of different tribes with unique natures, cultures, and game experiences. 

     Auto-generated maps make each game a new experience.

     Offline gameplay.

     Pass & Play.

     Really cute low poly graphics.

The Battle of Polytopia is now available on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. A Deluxe Edition that includes the base game and all special tribes (Aquarion, Elyrion, Polaris, and Cymanti) is also available for $31.99. A free demo is also available and includes four tribes: Xin-Xi, Imperius, Bardur, and Oumaji. Players may enjoy the demo as long as they wish without making any purchases.

The game is out now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, the App Store, Google Play, and in all Tesla Cars.

Polytopia Nintendo Switch Web Site

About Midjiwan AB

Midjiwan AB is an independent game developer based in Stockholm. The company released. The Battle of Polytopia in 2016, which has since been installed over 16 million times by players worldwide. The game is available on the App Store, Android, Steam, and Tesla Arcade.

Article by: Susan N.



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