Splatter Zombiecalypse Now is Available on Nintendo Switch!

07 October 2022, Wroclaw, Poland + Dresden, Germany
|  Untold Tales and DreamWorlds have released Splatter Zombiecalypse Now on the Nintendo Switch.

Go on a zombie-culling rampage with an absolute arsenal of upgradeable weapons and retrofitted vehicles as your tools for slaughter. Enjoy a film noir-inspired single-player campaign along with additional wave and survival modes that can be played alone or in local co-op with up to 4 players. 

Key Features:

     Challenging fights against all kinds of zombies and monsters

     Film-noir single-player campaign complete with fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes

     Unique bosses, vehicles, and a variety of side missions

     Light and shadow add tactical layers to battles

     Destructible physics-based environments and upgradeable weapons that gain new abilities and features with each level

     Arcade game modes with online leaderboards pit you against your friends' scores

     Local multiplayer for up to 4 players

     Last but certainly not least: lots and lots of action

Splatter Zombiecalypse Now is available today on the Nintendo Switch as a digital download. The game will cost $7.99 / 7.99 € / £7.19 normally, but launches with a 37% off discount making it $4.99 / 4.99 € / £4.49.

Article by: Susan N.



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