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Capes by developer Spitfire Interactive and publisher Defiant DevelopmentPC (Steam) Preview written by
Susan N. with a copy provided by the publisher.

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From the development team behind the deck-building hit 'Hand of Fate' comes a new and drastically different title 'Capes'. When the 'Hand of Fate' studio went under, former employees established their own studio known today as Spitfire Interactive. The developers take their first step into the turn-based strategy genre with comic book flair and unique superheroes in 'Capes'. With only a demo copy provided by the publisher, I have some high hopes for the title.


Superhero games exist but rarely do they present themselves like a Marvel or DC Universe movie. Capes is a turn-based strategy game with superheroes that have cool abilities, entertaining dialogue, and an epic comic book art style. This is part of the reason I was interested in the game - let's be real here.

Right at the start of the demo, players are tasked with taking back their city as the supervillains have reigned supreme over the course of 15 years. It's a tall task and it felt a bit like the first X-Men where a group of superheroes forge new friendships and learn to work together. Each character has specific abilities like telekinetically throwing rocks and enemies, or teleporting behind a foe to backstab them. As players gain experience, they put points into those powerful abilities where some of them can be used in tandem with another superhero. It takes careful planning to take down the villains due to the fact that reinforcements can turn the tides of battle.


The key to Capes is to employ a healthy level of strategy. There are mission goals to eliminate all enemies by a certain turn, for example. This is only achievable if players position well and use the environment to their advantage. We're able to click on abilities and actions to physically see the range of each attack or move location. Unlike games like XCOM 2 or Battletech where the units are given a percentage to hit, Capes deals in static numbers. A basic attack might only do one point of damage but if one of the other superheroes has made them vulnerable, players can easily take them out.

There are a couple of key pieces of information about Capes that will help with a player's strategy. First, if a superhero moves through a square that is in range of an attacker, that attacker will get an attack of opportunity. Secondly, there are several maps with explosive barrels. If used at the proper time, those barrels do significant damage to your foes. In fact, the barrels will leave a sizable fire on the map. Unlike certain turn-based strategy games that automatically lose the obstacle, in Capes, the fire remains on the battlefield. What is great about using these barrels is that even if your heroes aren't successful in taking out the villains, you can lead them through the fire! As I always say, if the game has a mechanic that can be used in your favor, do it. What's the worst that could happen?

Graphics and UI

I adore the graphics style because it's a departure from other turn-based strategy games. Aside from some questionable graphics renders that I chalk up to early access issues, it is clean and quirky. Each superhero and villain has animated abilities that make you feel like you're inside a comic book. That is true right down to the font choice and bold color choices. It even goes as far as to have hammy dialogue sections in the cutscenes and in the middle of combat. After a particularly good hit or kill, the characters will often say something silly that only superheroes would say. (Think, "You've tripped on one of your tricks this time, Joker!" Yes, that is from the old television Batman and Robin TV Show. So sue me... I loved that one!)

Anyways, the UI is not cluttered for a turn-based game, which I appreciate. On the left is a list of objectives to complete, including optional ones that grant extra experience. On the right is a display of the turn order which helps to strategize your next move. Then on the bottom is a handy display for each character's ultimate ability, their movement capabilities, and their attack actions. Along the bottom bar are filled-in squares that indicate the total action and movement points a character has. And what I find great about the straightforward UI is the fact that it is playable on controller!

Final Thoughts

At this stage, I do enjoy Capes and hope that it does well when it launches in early 2023. It is fun to play but is hard to accurately assess as there are limitations to leveling progression and customization of the characters. That said, from what I've seen between the graphics style, map layout, and general gameplay, Capes is on my list of games to grab!

Capes is a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM 2 or BattleTech but in comic book form. Players get to teleport around maps, hurl massive boulders, and chain lightning the supervillains who have ruled with an iron fist for too long. This game allows players to quite literally sock it to the bad guys, and we're here for it. For fans of comic books and superhero stories, Capes looks quite promising!

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