22 Racing Series Drives onto All Platforms in Early Access November 22nd!

MELBOURNE – Oct. 5, 2022 –
22 Racing Series, the real-time physics-based racing playground set in the 22nd century, starts its engine on Steam Early Access beginning Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. The AAA veterans (outsource animation director for LA Noire, Darkness 2, Darksiders 2; outsource art lead for Zelda: Twilight Princess HD) at developer GOATi Entertainment will bring 22 Racing Series to pole position on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Oculus, and HTC Vive in 2023 and beyond, simultaneously alongside PC’s 1.0 update.

The world's first future physics racer (FPR) takes place on an Earth 100 years from today, where climate change has ravaged the environment. Resource-intensive racing series have moved online, limiting their ecological impact and enabling a global sport to be accessible to all.

Experience terrains throughout environments most affected by climate change including Florida, Bangladesh, Solomon Islands, and Antarctica. Speed through clocked Time Trials, diverse Circuit Racing, difficult Elimination Rounds, scored Point-to-Point Racing, and a capture the flag-inspired Sector Capture.

Gain a competitive edge by allowing creativity to run free. Fill a virtually unlimited inventory with custom-built vehicles featuring personalized engine torque, tire grip choices, and more in a next-generation adaptive ‘keyframe’ setup that adjusts vehicles based on speed and action to achieve the ultimate grip and downforce.

Compete in a massive 100-player casual racing event and obtain an impressive rank to avoid elimination in Race Royale mode. Attempt to catch another racer in the “catch me if you can”, Streaker, mode. Reach new heights of lightning-fast speed using real-time strategy resource management and implementing build mechanics for an RTS-inspired Racing (RTS-Racing) experience.

Vehicles, tracks, race rules, and tournaments will be available for modders to bring their own racing visions to life, publish them to share with a community, and monetize them via the Pavillion Hub. Construct a brand new circuit using the fast and flexible track builder to create detailed, simple, lengthy, or quick custom tracks tailored to each racer’s style.

“We are extremely excited to aid the racing community in bringing their video game dreams to life,” said Garth Midgley, Managing and Creative Director of GOATi Entertainment. “Combining future physics racing and real-time strategy racing has been a huge step in our development process to create a next generation of racing experience.”

To stay up to date with all things 22 Racing Series, speed over to the official website, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

About GOATi

GOATi Entertainment is a AAA game development company specializing in engine technology, physics simulation, blockchain integration, and global microtransaction business models for games and esports. Built upon their proprietary engine ‘RevGen’, they have developed globally recognized and award-winning emergent AI simulation programs and the world’s first RTS-Racing game ’22 Racing Series’. They have pioneered the development of Smart NFT blockchain technology, and in April 2020, they released ‘Pavillion Hub’, the world’s most advanced blockchain gaming platform, which is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral, and was purpose-built with ease of use sign-on, transact, play, and cross-platform connected features that make the mass adoption of blockchain technology in AAA games a near reality.

To learn more about GOATi, please visit the Pavillion Hub, follow @PavillionHub on Twitter, check out GOATi’s official website and YouTube channel, the 22 Racing Series website, and join the racing pit on Discord.

Article by: Susan N.



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