Play the Action Survival Game 'Forever Skies' Demo Announced During Steam Next Fest!

3 October 2022, Wroclaw, Poland
| The Far From Home team has released a playable demo on Steam for Forever Skies.

The post-apocalyptic sci-fi action survival game that has players exploring an ecologically ruined Earth in a fully customizable, high-tech airship will be made playable to the general public for the first time with a hefty 45+ minute PC demo via Steam.

A new trailer, screenshots, and a first 20+ minutes demo gameplay video have all been published today.

Gameplay walkthrough:

Steam page:

The demo is designed to give players a taste of the early game mechanics, basics of survival, and of course getting off the ground and exploring a portion of the ecologically ravaged world in their airship.

Start off by exploring the ruined, derelict towers above the toxic dust where humanity made their last home before the eventual downfall. Get to grips with basic survival by gathering resources and building out your airship’s interior with equipment to make sure you don’t die from thirst, hunger or viral infection before you even leave the ground. From there, get your airship refitted and ready for flight all while getting your first clues into what happened to the last doomed crew sent on the exact same mission as yours. Then it’s off into the horizon you go to find a way to upgrade your airship further so you can finally fly above the toxic clouds that blanket the Earth.

The demo will also give players a first glimpse at the virus and infection mechanics. Earth is now full of unknown harmful pathogens that at first will hinder, or even kill you. Through research and experimentation, you will need to find cures and remedies lest you end up like the last crew sent before you. As you progress in the full game, the ability to genetically alter these viruses will open up to create highly potent viral boosters. These will alter your abilities and will allow you to explore previously inaccessible areas, deal with certain threats or enhance your survival chances.

The demo can be accessed through the Forever Skies Steam page now.


Article by: Susan N.



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