Pinball FX3: Jurassic World Pinball - Switch Review

Pinball FX3: Jurassic World Pinball finds its way home to the Nintendo Switch, and the vertical style of play and excellent overall presentation make it a welcome addition to the somewhat newrly released Pinball FX3 tables on this system.

The table breakout here is kind of interesting, because it focuses on the first movie and the most recent movie, and pretty much ignores everything else in between (which may be for the best given how poorly those particular movies were receive). Now Nick and I have a slight difference of opinion on these tables, probably because he's old and has all of these fond memories of the original movie whereas I only somewhat recently saw all of them in order and rapid succession (because I'm not old like him).

- Editor's note: I may have to fire Chris after this review. Just sayin'...

So without the rosy nostalgic glasses in place, my preference is the Jurassic World table, followed by the Escape table and lastly the Jurassic Park table. There's nothing actually wrong with any of the tables, but the Jurassic Park table is probably the least interesting to me both in terms of overall design and options when you play. The night escape lets you start in different places, and the Jurassic World table lets you pick which missions you want to play, giving you a bit more control over how the tables play out.

I really like how these tables look and sound, and think the ability to play on the go and in vertical mode makes the Switch the best possible home for the Pinball FX3 series. Jurassic World fits right in with a lot of fun missions and things to discover while playing. Each of the tables has a sort of 'living environment' vibe to them (though again, this is weakest in the first Jurassic Park table) that makes watching your surroundings more entertaining than some of the older table releases by Zen Studios.

If I have a gripe, it is less to do with what was actually done with these tables and what could have been. By that I mean the tables all look and sound the part, but there could have been a lot more chaos here. Rushing dinosaurs that move across the field of play or cause some sort of 'destruction' to the environment would have been fantastic. As it is the way the dinosaurs roar as the ball passes, or they smack it with a tail or chomp down on the ball are all fun to watch, but I think there was an opportunity to ramp things up another couple of notches.

Still, the most important parts of the tables are done right. There are very few really 'cheap' ball losses (though when they occur, they are on Jurassic Park more so than the other two tables in my experience), and there are some really fun multiball opportunities to racking up a massive score and as usual Pinball FX3 comes with its usual assortment of progression-linked point boosts that encourage you to come back and play over and over again while attempting to get some really high scores.

Pinball FX3: Jurassic World Pinball looks and plays really well, with a nice variety of tables that kept me coming back for more. These are not the best tables Zen Studios has ever made, but they're the best to come along in awhile now and they feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch.

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Zen Studios
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Article by Chris H.