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Every party regardless of where they are sitting around the table knows that a map is often the best approach to a campaign or a hectic time limited one-shot where you have a literal two hours to storm the castle and obtain what you are there for. The map puts things into a visual perspective so that there is no real argument on distances when a fireball torches your party.

Enter this mat to draw maps on. A lot of us have been gaming for years and as time has gone on we've purchased Mega and Mondomats in order to visually see our campaigns. Now as good, and as durable as they are, they are both expensive for their size and take time to set up as the harder material they are made out of will keep the shape of it being rolled up for the first part of the gaming night requiring coasters or large minis to hold down these edges. 

What impressed me the most about seeing this mat for the first time wasn't even the mat, but the package that it came in. Shouldn't it have been bigger? Opening the package and seeing it folded up caused me to worry for a few moments as mats should never be folded as those creases will NEVER come out. This was very far from the case.

The mat is made from a very soft silicone that easily lays itself out leaving no creases and no need to weight it down while it retakes its original shape. Drawing on it and erasing it are just as easy as wiping off the coffee from that one clumsy player that you always have to worry about. It's ok, we love you all the same!  

The only possible downside that we've seen is if you have pets. Cat and Dog hair love to stick to it so having a cloth on hand is a must but since you're wiping marker off anyway, there shouldn't be an issue.

Overall it's a great mat for the price and several of us on the team are happy we picked a couple up for our individual campaigns!

Mat Information

Tabletop Role-Playing Game
Ergon Games

Purchased after a reach out from Publisher
You can find it on Amazon.com

Article by Pierre-Yves
Article by Marc L.


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