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A couple weeks back ArenaNet, the creators of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, announced that there would be a delay on the new episode for Path of Fire. The latest enemy which threatens the citizens of a new place called Amnoon, is Palawa Joko.

Of course, ArenaNet decided before Path of Fire launched that they would provide players with new content every quarter, allowing for constant playability unlike other MMOs. In Guild Wars 2, the player base is much more loyal to the game because of its frequent updates. Although, the PVP content has been lacking in desirability by those who solely PVP, but that doesn't mean ArenaNet hasn't considered balance possibilities. Even still, the majority of the players consistently return to Guild Wars 2 because of the regular content and special events. In fact, many have been enjoying the new raids.

Anyways, February 27th the Guild Wars 2 Twitter account graced us with a new trailer for Episode 2 of The Living World:

Unlike the other trailers, this one starts off almost like a game show contest, but that doesn't last long as we are introduced to new characters. In the meantime, Taimi is telling us about the discovery of a scientist crucial to Joko's ultimate plan.

Through the course of the trailer, we discover that players will gain access to new masteries, a new legendary dagger (I want it!), a new map to explore, and more information about Palawa Joko. We must stop him! If the previous episodes are any indication, this story is going to have tougher bosses and more information about Joko and his army; at least, that's what I expect.

That said, the additions of mounts in Path of Fire, has created interesting new ways to explore, which is a concept that ArenaNet explored in the expansion 'Heart of Thorns'. In those zones, along with gliding, we were able to train different gliding abilities, use speed mushrooms, and use vine abilities, in order to traverse the new areas effectively.

In the trailer, the music changes to a song called 'Fear Not This Night', which players are intimately familiar with due to the Wintersday festival. This song has a dramatic 'musical' sound (a la movie/musical Phantom of the Opera), and is befitting of this trailer.

(As an aside, the singer for Fear Not This Night only recorded the small section used in the trailer. There isn't a longer version of the song and any searches for it give hundreds of results to other covers that are not the same. That said, here is his Twitter handle.)

A singular portrait of Palawa Joko completes 'A Bug in the System', which is a sign that someone has been naughty. The new episode will launch on March 6th, so I hope you are all excited!

Other News

Also launching this week is the bonus episode to Life Is Strange: Before the Storm called "Farewell", which will take place when Max and Chloe first meet in the base game. While I was underwhelmed with the ending of Before the Storm, this will tie things up in the way that I was expecting originally. But don't mistake me for disliking the prequel, I actually enjoyed the story as a standalone but I felt that it fell flat when it came to explaining certain things to bridge the two games.

March 6th also marks the day that this game releases and you better believe I'll be playing it. It's going to be a busy gaming day. That said, if you are interested in a behind the scenes look of "Before the Storm: Farewell" look no further.

As always, I can be found on Twitter and Twitch (@Jagtress). What do you think about either update? Let me know!

Until next time!

Article by Susan N.


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