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So as a lot of you already know I'm a fan of Utomik’s platform. The quality of titles and the ease of use in this Steam meets Netflix is there and only gets better. It's because of this that we got to take another look at the current state of the platform and the ever growing library of available titles.

One thing that I really have to give to Utomik is their communication. They keep their base apprised of what's new and upcoming from anything big like Batman and Warner Brothers to small like Idea Factory and the Hyperdimention series through emails, on their website news releases or a well placed and unobnoxious tab through the software itself. The information is easy to find, and more than that, there's always a coming soon tab at the bottom of the software’s homepage to visually see what's upcoming.

So what's really changed since the last time we checked in on this platform? From an interface perspective, not very much. The same layout still exists and honestly it's a good thing as it's easy to navigate through the game genres or companies / publishers that are present. If you see something that you like all you need to do is click on it to see more.

Clicking on a title will give you system specs, game details, a trailer and the option to get started by clicking Play. From there, Utomik will download the data needed to get started and you can be on your merry way. One thing that I hadn’t noticed the first time because I had played solely on one machine was the cloud saving of a title’s data.

With all of the good there are a few little issues that have ways around it. One of these is that you really need to make sure that you have Utomik is installed on the same hard drive that you will be running your games off of. If they are then everything is fine. If they aren't then Utomik has to be run as an administrator for everything to work. Otherwise you'll get access errors and will not be able to game.

One of the benefits to this platform is that it can let you try out multiple different titles that you would otherwise be unsure of and the only thing it costs is your monthly subscription and a bit of your time. There were a few titles that I was ecstatic to try but once I sat down to Wonder Boy, Call of Puppets and Bloodstained I promptly cleared the files from my PC about an hour after each. It’s not like Batman Arkham City that I am still going through or my upcoming review on Aragami that I’ve spent a lot of time with.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to try it the low subscription cost is worth the trial of a month’s worth of time. The great thing about the low cost is that you can come and go as you see fit and your library of played titles will be there waiting for you to come back as well as brand new titles are more are added every month.

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