Tesoro Launches Low-profile Switch GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard

We cover a lot of different types of Tesoro gear here, as we have had a great deal of luck as they have almost all been of very high quality at pretty reasonable prices. As a result - we keep our eye out for announcements such as this.

The press release:

Tesoro Technology, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech gaming peripherals, today has announced the launch of the GRAM Spectrum mechanical keyboard. Engineered to equip gamers with an elite weapon in gameplay, the Gram Spectrum utilizes cutting-edge Tesoro AGILE mechanical switches. The low-profile switches offer short travel distance yet retain the tactile feel of mechanical keyboards delivering an unmatched user experience with optimized keystrokes, fast response and accurate actuation. 

Available in both black and white models, the GRAM Spectrum sports full RGB functionality with 16.8 million color options along with nine lighting effects including breathing, color wave, and customized lighting. With a sleek, minimalist design, double-injection keycaps, and built on sturdy metal construction the GRAM Spectrum offers fluidity in user movements, pinpoint accuracy, and ensures long-lasting durability.

"The ultra-accurate, low-profile Tesoro AGILE switches bring something truly unique to market, a low-profile mechanical keyboard that does not surrender the tactile feel," said Johan Borggren, VP of Sales at Tesoro Technology. "The GRAM Spectrum is jam-packed with features and rich in customizable functions making it a premier choice for dedicated gamers.”

 A 32bit ARM processor and 512 KB on board memory means users can save and playback extreme macros without worry of lagging. The GRAM Spectrum offers all keys fully programmable, 1000 Hz ultra-polling rate, Full N-key / G-key rollover options and instant macro recording. 

GRAM Spectrum Specifications
TESORO AGILE Mechanical Switch – Low-profile switch with 3.5 mm travel distance.
16.8 Million Customizable Lighting – Brilliant RGB lighting.
Double Injection Keys – Hiqh-quality, long lasting keycaps.
32bit ARM Cortex Processor and 512 KB Onboard Memory – Advanced processing power for instantaneous macro execution.
All Keys Fully Programmable - Reassign any key or set up the most extreme macros for advanced gaming.
Detachable Braided USB Cable - Hassle-free travel and cable management.

Price and Availability
The GRAM Spectrum Black Model has an MSRP of $137.00 while the White Model has an MSRP of $139.00. The GRAM Spectrum will be available at the beginning of June.

Article by Nick