HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset - Hardware Review

The HyperX Cloud series of headsets have been a favorite around here; we loved the first iteration, the Cloud and the follow-up headset, the Cloud II. Half-way between the Cloud II and the Revolver release, Kingston launched a basic headset, the Cloud Core, which was a stripped down, more affordable headset that was very similar to the original Cloud. Even the Cloud Core, their "entry level" headset provided premium sound at budget pricing. Today we are taking a look at the new flagship, the Cloud Revolver.

The Cloud Revolver changes up the much-loved Cloud aesthetic by removing the solid cups and adding a little "character" to them by adding a neat concave "X" cup that has the telltale HyperX logo on them. After seeing press images of the new cups, I was not entirely sure how I would like them as they seemed juvenile. Fortunately the pictures do not do them justice; pulling them out of their tightly-packed foam protector that they ship in, I instantly fell in love. The new cups are certainly more modern and a bit "edgier" but they are also significantly lighter, and that lost weight is certainly appreciated. One can easily put in a solid 8-10 hour gaming day with these headsets (or a long day at the office with them on) without feeling a bit of headset fatigue.

When it comes to speakers, we at Chalgyr's Game Room tend to favor the heavier, bulkier drivers/headsets/systems, as they tend to punch a bit harder and deliver a better range of highs, mids, and lows. The Cloud-series of headsets are the opposite; the Cloud Revolver weighs in at less than a pound (about 0.82 pounds, with microphone) and the Cloud II weighs in at an ultra-light 0.70 pounds, all while delivering surprisingly high quality audio out of the 50mm neodymium drivers. The Cloud Revolver takes the stereo audio quality and dials it up to 11 for highs, mids, and lows. Crystal clear highs ring clear and true; mids are realistic and give the feeling of depth, while the lows are punchy, responsive, and capable of thumping with the best of headsets.

The Revolver microphone is rock-solid, both in the quality that is sends over Xbox Live chat/Skype/recording software/phone calls, and in the actual physical quality of the boom. The detachable microphone is incredibly stiff and takes some working to get it to a more pliable state, which is critical because at its "natural" location, the microphone sits squarely between the nostrils and the upper-lip; this instantly turns gamers into dreaded open-mouth breathers … even if they are not breathing through their mouth. Once the boom was worked a bit, a more optimal position can be made, but the stiffer microphone had me itching for the Cloud II or Cloud style of detachable boom microphone (a simple flexible metal boom mic) and had it not been for the shaped housing for the 3.5mm plug, I would have absolutely stuck a Cloud or Cloud II microphone on this headset. Still, the quality came through as excellent and after a little work managed to set the boom to a less obnoxious position.

Whether we were playing The Division or Dark Souls III on Xbox One, Tales of Zestiria or Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation 4, listening to audiobooks on my iPhone 6s, or listening to music while toiling away at the office, the Cloud Revolver excelled no matter what was thrown at them. Comfortable even after long hours of use, incredible audio quality, regardless of source, while still being affordable (depending on sales, you can grab them for around $120-$150 USD). With the only real drawbacks being the way the detachable microphone sits in front of your mouth, the HyperX Cloud Revolver is THE headset to beat this year and at this price-per-quality point, that will be damn near impossible.

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