Edifier M710 On-Ear Headphones - Hardware Review

Most of the headphones we cover are of the around the ear variety, but the Edifier M710 On-Ear Headphones still manage to deliver an outstanding music experience for those who prefer this style. More than that, they provide a very good value for the price point they come in at.

There are a few different factors I usually try to take into consideration when I am evaluating headphones. These factors are: durability, comfort and, of course, audio quality. Starting with durability, the build design is quite solid-looking at first glance. The headband is strong and sturdy, providing excellent tension but thick enough that it never feels at risk of breaking. The ear pads are also firmly attached (though rotating for comfort). The foam material is soft, but the skin held up to a lot of tugging on and off the ears without tearing or pulling out of place. The cable is has a thick design, though not a braided or flat, which are personal preferences of mine. One nice design touch is the in-line microphone and controls found on the cable. The microphone is okay, but given its compact nature, it can be a little rough if there is a lot of ambient noise (like riding in a bus or a train).

In terms of comfort, we have several different factors to take into consideration here. First, the ear cups as I mentioned have some swivel to them, giving them better angles to the sides of your head. The foam pads are soft - not perhaps as marshmallow cushioned as some I have worn, but the quality is still excellent. I was able to wear these for a few hours, and because of the on-ear style, my ears did not get as warm as the larger ear encasing headsets I sometimes use. The headband has some nice padding on the top and sides, which combined with the light weight of the headset means leaving it in place is not a problem. This also makes them a nice set for travel - such as a long flight.

While the two above factors are certainly important, the one that I tend to give the most weight to is the actual sound quality. Considering the price of the product, I would say you are getting a good deal of value as the audio quality is as good or better than several other headphones I have tried. The specialty is in the mid ranges and clarity. High notes in music and low rumbles of guns and explosions in games or movies are all pretty well represented, but the most consistent aspect of the sound quality comes from the mid ranges where dialog and subtler sound effects come through crystal clear. Great for movies or games with a lot of voice acting.

That is not to say the sound experience is completely flawless, despite being very, very good - great even. One, it is worth noting that when wearing an on-ear style of headphone, ambient noise can work its way in more easily. That is part of the trade-off in not having incredibly hot ears that have had little air circulation. If you are already familiar with this style, obviously you are used to this but it is worth noting. The other is that while it handles the different sound ranges really well, when there is a mix of extreme ranges - incredibly high and low at the same time - a little bit of clarity can be lost in translation. It is not overly pronounced, but it is a small detail that lands this headset into the mid range level.

However, those two small caveats aside, the Edifier M710 On-Ear Headphones do deliver a crisp audio experience. I tried them out on a variety of different devices (my PC, my laptop, my iPhone, my Vita and my 3DS to name several), and they worked great with each one. Because they are lightweight and use a 3.5mm audio cable for connection, they are great for on the go handheld gaming devices. The one design feature that would have made these handier for portability would be if they folded up, but this set does not do so.
All in all the Edifier M710 On-Ear Headphones deliver on the three areas I really look for, and they currently ring in on Amazon at less than fifty dollars on Amazon. They are a really good value if you are currently in the market. It was my first experience working with Edifier, but I came away impressed with the overall product.

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Article by Nick