Doughlings: Invasion - XB1 Review

Old school arcade games, good, old schooled designed arcade games are hard to find and I'm happy to say that Doughlings: Invasion scratches that itch. Direct sequel to Doughlings, you'll be heading out of your home to save the world in a Space Invaders Bejeweled ish ness of a top down arcade shooter.

The rules are simple. Moving from left to right on the screen you'll be firing up at the descending squids of various colors. Starting off with blue, which are one hit kills, you'll soon be seeing green, yellow and red in which every time you hit them they fall down one color. There are other types of obstacles like falling wooden squids or squids once you hit them that they just decide to fall right on your head, but thankfully you've got a few powers yourself to level out the playing field.

The power-ups themselves are kind of neat. Acting on a time-basis, for a limited time you’ll be able to fire off some pretty wicked powers while also looking like some iconic characters such as Cyclops from X-Men. Getting “Zap’s” powers allows for you to shoot a laser beam straight up through everything which is really effective at bringing certain other colors down or just eliminating a bunch of blue.

Another feature that was cool and exists in your default state is called showtime. As you kill off the armies of invading squids you basically pick up social media likes. Accumulating ten to start off, before bringing it down to nine and then eight, equips you with a color gun which will hit the current squid and any other adjacent ones of that color. This can bring a slew of green down to blue and then hitting all of the blue can clear up to three quarters of the enemies that you are facing off against. This works for all the colors so sometimes saving it for the beginning of the next stage is a good idea.

The stage design is has a nice touch to it. Starting off from either the left or the right depending on which side of the “path” that you’re on, each stage moves just a bit more over within the environment. So starting from the left, the background scenery will move over bit by bit until you reach the last stage which brings you to a rather fun set of boss fights which are tanky invaders with a move set and a health bar.

Doughlings: Invasion was a lot of fun as it wasn’t just an old school styled arcade game in which you held on the trigger and blasted everything in sight. Instead, you have to think about how you’re going to take out the rows and columns of enemies through the bejeweled ish style with a slow firing weapon. With boss fights added into that mix, it’s not the easiest out there, but it’s loads of fun once you get the core mechanics down.

Game Information

Microsoft Xbox One
Hero Concept
Hero Concept
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Sony PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

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Article by Pierre-Yves