Memorable Music in Gaming #42

So Memorable Music in gaming. It's selective and what inspires or gets one person pumping may not exactly be what gets another moving. Recently between some larger titles like Dragon Quest XI, Tales of Berseria, the new God of War and Mortal Kombat 11 between the various reviews, I've loaded up Halo: The Master Chief Collection and started from the beginning and that opening theme? Damn still gets me every time.

With a bit of Gregorian chanting to give it a haunting tune, it's enough to lead onto the unknowns of space and when starting off for the first time, the unknown that you'll find as you start to face off against the Covenant forces before even ever seeing the Flood, the Brutes or the Forerunners. Spun off of the main theme's upbeat portion you have hear a bit of tribal like chanting as you either sprint for your first Banshee run or just a really good firefight sequence.

While in effect these two are basically the same musical entries, the difference is in how they start and how they are used. The intro is used to lead in while the combat music, named The Warthog Run, is used to basically tell you to "Nut up or shut up". Got a love Zombieland for all the usable quotes. Skipping done quite a few from the very beginning of what Bungie started to where they finished, Halo: Reach's opening is still one of my favorites and I'm disappointed for it not being in the collection.

And finally from the end of Bungie to the start of 343, which I finally realize may be named after the damned traitor from the very first making it a very Halo like company name, the opening to Halo 4 is something that I love to have on in the background because of the range from soft and haunting to the more upbeat while still staying close to what made the original opening so good.

Article by Pierre-Yves


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