New Darksburg Trailer from Shiro Games!

Darksburg, the upcoming cooperative survival action game from indie French studio Shiro Games of Evoland and Northgard fame, debuts its PvP mode featuring humans versus zombies today, ahead of its playable debut at Gamescom, Aug. 21-24, 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

The new trailer shows how players can take on the role of powerful zombies, the Revenants, and how each class uses their unique abilities and powers to wreak havoc on the pesky humans trying to save the medieval town of Darksburg.

Shiro Games are now booking appointments for journalists to join a cooperative play session of Darksburg at the event in Cologne. If you are interested in checking out the game at Gamescom 2019, please let us know as soon as possible with your preferred appointment times and contact details.

In Darksburg, a top-down cooperative multiplayer game for PC, players can either choose to rid the titular medieval town of Darksburg of the waves of undead that plague it or team up as zombies to oppose the filthy humans in completing their hopeless mission. Four players can team up to play against the computer, or against four other players in a fast-paced PvP game.

Darksburg features a roster of colorful characters to choose from, each featuring a unique set of skills and backgrounds, from the compassionate (but not overly so) Sister Abigail and the escaped werewolf (and man's best friend) Varag to the powerful zombie Revenants such as incendiary Witch or the hulking Brute. Teamwork and great reflexes will be the key to survival.

Shiro Games will also present several interesting new projects related to their popular Viking strategy game Northgard at Gamescom, including the upcoming console version, new details on the next major expansion, as well as a (soon to be unveiled) secret game. Let us know if you want to check out these games as well!

Follow the latest news about Darksburg and Northgard via Shiro Games’ Twitter.

About Shiro Games

Shiro Games is an independent studio located in Bordeaux (France), a beautiful and lively city near the ocean, and created by video games veterans in order to bring new innovative games to life. Each of their games is built with love and passion by a small team of talented and dedicated people. The studio is best known for Northgard and the Evoland series, and has just announced its new multiplayer action game, Darksburg.

Article by Susan N.


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