The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Teaser Trailer and Information

Ironward will be at Gamescom in August of this year where they will be showcasing exclusive content for members of the press. However, over the last couple of months the studio released a trailer for The Red Solstice 2: Survivors which has surpassed 1 million views (linked below). Until such time as they release more information about the game, here are some facts about this action packed indie title.


A top-down action strategy game. 
Gear up, assemble your squad, and defend the doomed planet.


The Year is 117 After Earth, Corporations rule Mars.
The planet is infested with a virus


Survival Strategy - Couple tactical missions with the ongoing survival against mutants on the entire planet in a campaign that spans over time.

Play solo or with friends - Join other players campaign and combat missions or let them join yours, bring your own research and resources into their campaign.

Develop your strategy - Customize and grow your character in the campaign, research and upgrade new technologies and combat suits, prepare assets for combat deployment - artillery, tactical nukes, and much more.

Biomass infestation - Fight a spreading biomass that changes the environment and has a mind of its own.

Strategy Layer - World Map:

  • Decide which missions to ignore and which missions to take
  • Every mission you take or don't will affect your long term strategy
  • Decide between rescuing civilians or stealing technology
  • Research new technology and assets that can be used in deployment

About Ironward

Ironward is a Croatian game development studio. Since 2014 we have released two games set in The Red Solstice universe, and are currently working on developing the third title.

We are a small and well-rounded team focused on providing a unique gaming experience for our players by implementing new and creative gameplay mechanics.

Feel free to check out the Steam page for The Red Solstice 2: Survivors. Follow the studio on social media like Twitter and their official webpage.

Article by Susan N.


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