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Vert-Go is a wonderful, if flawed balance game that acts as the perfect filler at your next board game night while its larger, more complicated brethren are being set up. With games lasting only a few minutes at a time, Verti-Go is a balancing act not all dissimilar from Jenga, but with far more color. Few games in your repertoire will need more house rules, but once you set up the basics, Verti-Go will be enjoyable no matter your age.

A relatively simple game, Verti-Go comes in a small cannister that holds a simple instruction manual and about 30 multi-colored plastic cards. In the corner of each of these cards is a small slit that you then insert the corner of a card to create something of a balancing acting (not unlike Jenga). The catch though is that there are a number of colors from blues and purples to oranges and reds, on each card and you can only insert a card into the slot of another card if those cards match in color. Given my relatively horrific color deficiencies, I struggled with the oranges and greens … and the purples and blues which meant my 10 year old was constantly harping on me that I was placing the wrong colors; when you have 10 or 12 cards in your tower, placement became incredibly tricky and those same colorblind issues often resulted in me losing the game.

I did notice one things that was a bit disconcerting and that is the wear-and-tear on the cards. While they are heavy plastic and have a nice, solid weight to them, they scratch easily. After a dozen or so games (careful games mind you, given this is a balancing game), corners of cards were scratched and when the whole system falls, scratches in the middle of the card will happen. A lot. I also found that the small plastic ball that acts as the tight foundation can easily become worn, resulting in a balancing game where after only a dozen or so cards the entire thing topples. Even at about $15 USD, only getting a dozen or so solid games in before it begins to fail is pretty crummy.

That is not to say that what games I have managed to get out of Verti-Go have not been a blast. Given that the overwhelming majority of my board games are ones that are still a bit too much for my daughter and I to play together, having another to add to the pile that is quick, relatively fun, and quite easy for her to pick up is always welcome. Even the older group of us can set up a game quickly and get a few rounds in while another sets up one of the more advanced board games for the group to play as a whole. Win-win, right?

With the quick setup, easy rules (once a few house rules are put into play), and fun for all ages, Verti-Go is an excellent birthday gift game or a light-hearted break away from heavier games. Unfortunately the fun can be tampered a bit due to subpar durability issues, not to mention the closeness in colors being problematic to those like me that have color deficiencies. That said, if you do not take Verti-Go too seriously, you and your family or friends will get more than its money's worth out of it.

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