Kingdoms of the Lost: Merriment of Masks Festival

Kingdoms of the Lost is having another festival, this time in celebration of Halloween. This festival is dubbed their Merriment of Masks, and it will be running from now through Wednesday, November first.. Kingdoms of the Lost is a MUD - an old school, text-based online Dungeons & Dragons style of game, but with a completely unique world in a fantasy setting.

For those who are interested in playing this game, there is a lot of information about the game's mechanics as well as how to log in and play at:

Why the festivals tend to be a big deal for the players is that there tend to be a lot of different bonuses and perks. The game uses a feature called 'wildmod' that has a percentage chance of triggering some kind of bonus automatically on any kill, and for the duration of the festival they have a unique one running during those days that has better and unique perks. Additionally, the game's staff tends to offer additional freebie items, double experience earning, bonus questing tokens and scattering of items that can help to accelerate character growth and development.

If you are interested in reading more, they have a post about the event here, including some backstory on the festival's theme:

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