A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV - Play Time

As you may have heard, there's this little game called Final Fantasy that just came out. We'll be getting reviews up for it, probably a Play Time showing the introduction, but my copy via GameStop came with a pretty cool little bonus as well called A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV. I'll get a review up early next week for this cool little retro-styled brawler. In the meantime, we have some quick video footage to show off below.

I'll admit, I went quick and dirty on these as I was trying to play this and the core Final Fantasy XV game amidst what has already been a ridiculously busy week, so no flashing intros or outros featuring Chris' theme music for the site, but the videos below should give you a pretty good idea of what the game is all about.

Again, these are rough and unedited videos, but I hope you like the quick glance at this surprisingly good little add-in.

Article by Nick