Chalgyr's Game Room - Our 2016 Games of the Year

It's that time again - 2016 is in the rearviw mirror and what a year it has been. As we have for the last couple of years now, members of the team here at Chalgyr's Game Room have assembled their top games and shared our thoughts on why we loved them so much.

It is a fitting sendoff for us as 2016 was a year that had a lot of great titles but some disappointments as well. You can tell that the team has a lot of different tastes, from those who prefer RPGs to those who like their shooters and sports titles - we even have a board game in the list. So take a peek and let us know your thoughts - did we hit your favorites? Are we out of our minds for our picks? It's all subjective - but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to discuss.

There are a great many things that go into a game - controls, graphics, audio, narrative, replay value and more. It was interesting to see some themes rise up among the picks based on the staff member. A great game can have all of the above in spades, but sometimes the most memorable and enjoyable experiences still have a few flaws - that doesn't mean they aren't gems.

We have a separate page on the site with our staff's picks coded in. Make use of the link below to visit the page we set up specifically for these awards. Just click on the staff member to see the related banner images and descriptions as to why we picked the titles we did.

There were some pretty well-known AAA titles in there to be sure, but we had a lot of love for smaller titles as well. Given the many, many releases of fall (or as we like to refer to it: the busy season in the industry), it was sometimes tough to isolate titles that stood out for better and for worse. Still, when the dust settled our team managed to come up with quite a few different titles. Perhaps most interesting is how few games showed up on multiple staff lists - there is a lot of variety among the picks.

Thank you once again for a great year and here is to what we hope will be a fantastic 2017. Take care and here's to a great next year, from all of us here at Chalgyr's Game Room - where it's all about the games.

Now onto the games! 

Nick - The Boss Chris - The Sidekick Hamza - The Design Guru PY - The Coder
Richard - The Obsurist Robert - The Tech Jeff - Super Secret Character


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