#KILLALLZOMBIES is an easy to get into twin-stick shooter that will see you fend of an unrelenting horde of brainless flesh hungry eating machines. Starting off armed with nothing more than a pistol it’s up to you to survive long enough in order to get heavier hardware and maybe even level up along the way.

You’ve got two options. Three if you include not becoming Zombie Chow. The first is to use your skills to navigate the Zombie horde and the second is to use your skills and make sure that the same mentioned Zombie horde doesn’t wreck your base. Two modes. Unlimited ammo. Unlimited things to shoot at. Couldn’t really ask for a better scenario unless you were Barry Steakfries in Age of Zombies.

While both modes contain a different objective, game play is pretty much the same in which you start off at level 1 with a pistol in order to defend yourself which is easier said than done at times. There’s you, the Zombies, and the environment. Your goal is to basically survive by taking out as many Zombies as possible. Don’t worry though as you won’t always be starting off with just a pistol as weapons such as shotguns and uzis become available at the beginning as you make it further in each play-through.

The controls are fairly easy as the one thing to remember above all else is that the left stick moves, the right stick aims and shoots, and you can either reload at any time with the right bumper or kick a zombie out of your way if you happen to be reloading. Yes there is a melee option and it can save your life at times. That is basically all there is to the base mechanics of #KILLALLZOMBIES. Once those are under your belt it shouldn’t be hard to continually move forwards.

As Zombie after Zombie are taken out there’s an experience bar that fills up. Using some RPG elements, it’s possible to level up but not in the traditional sense which makes things interesting. Upon leveling up, you get access to the choice of one of four perks. Sometimes these are all crap while other times these are all awesome. Phoenix for example allows you to explode on death taking out Zombies but then come back for more! Edge Reload allows you to spam the reload trigger in order to reload faster. Other perks exist for a bit of fun and hilarity such as exploding and dying immediate for 500,000 experience. It ends the game but if you were close to death anyways, why not?

The environment is perhaps the most interesting element. Made up is hexes, the level design can change as well as be modified by level up perks in order to raise the hexes to make a wall, drop the hexes down to make a moat, or even make them spread out like a wave to damage the Zombies charging your way. Mixed in for a bit more fun are giant falling crates that can contain experience, health packs and different weapons, spinning death blades that are great to drag Zombies into, and other random elements that can help you survive a bit longer if you use them properly.

#KILLALLZOMBIES is quick and easy fun. Because of the random nature of the environment, each playthrough is both similar yet offers a different challenge every time you play. Is the stage going to play nice? Are you going to get decent level up perks? Or are they going to give you the choice of the worst ones possible because otherwise where would be fun be if everything was awesome? That part is up to the system while how far you get is entirely up to you with an included leader board for bragging rights!

Game Information

PlayStation Vita
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Provided by Publisher

Article by Pierre-Yves

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