Seven years of Chalgyr's Game Room

This is the tail end of 'the busy season' here for gamers. There are still some releases forthcoming of course, but by and large the majority of the rush is behind us as the holiday season fast approaches. I'm going to take a moment out of our busy posting schedule lately just to thank all of you who come to this site to read what we write - the entire CGR staff appreciates that you choose to spend part of your day here.

November 10, 2009 - that was our first post, and trust me when I say: It was nothing special. CGR was the product of a bored night when I wanted something new to write about besides building for Kingdoms of the Lost or writing fiction in my spare time. It's hard to believe that I started this as a blog where I would struggle to get three or four random hits a day on the one or two posts a week I would put out there, to a site where sometimes we have four or five posts a day, every day for weeks at a time, occasionally pulling in thousands of readers per day. Friends started asking if they could contribute, I started making connections within the industry and before long Chalgyr's Game Room became a far bigger project than I had ever intended it to be.

The last few months have allowed us to hit some pretty cool milestones I want to share out.

With over a dozen contributors to the site, this year we:

Broke 3,000 Twitter Followers

Surpassed 2,500 published articles (and are fast approaching the 3,000 mark as of the time you read this)

Broke one million unique page views earlier this fall

Gained contributor status on OpenCritic

We've had the privilege of to work with some amazing teams from indie game developers to larger PR companies who all give our team of video game enthusiasts the opportunity to share our thoughts with all of our readers. We love gaming, we appreciate the opportunity we have here in sharing our thoughts with all of you, and we look forward to more years to come.

Once more from the very bottom of my heart - thank you both those who contribute their time to making this site such a fun endeavor by contributing their thoughts and ideas in articles, and thank you to those of you who stop by to read and comment.

Article by Nick