Vtin Rocker Bluetooth Speaker - Hardware Review

As I was incredibly impressed with the Vtin Punker Bluetooth speaker I approached the Vtin Rocker 10W waterproof speaker with gusto as the Punker really changed my opinion on wireless speaker technology. While I am not overly impressed with the Rocker when I compare it to the Punker, it is an excellent and affordable Bluetooth speaker.

Where the Punker supports 20W drivers, the Rocker has 10W speakers that are quite decent at about 50% volume. They offer clean highs, solid mids, and acceptable, if light, lows. Given their full range, the Rocker's little drivers are an absolute improvement over any built-in speakers for modern mobile devices (and even some all-in-one computers). Connecting the Rocker to your computer or mobile device is quick, simple, and no different than connecting any other Bluetooth device. If you are like me, and are weird, then you may want to take advantage of the 3.5mm analog input jack that rests next to the power switch and the On/Off switch, and plug the speaker into the computer or laptop for better quality audio.

There is a problem with the Rocker though, and it is one I was not able to duplicate on its bigger sister, the Punker. When I plug in the analog 3.5mm cable AND the USB cable (provided for charging) to keep the unit charged while using it as a laptop or desktop speaker, there is either a steady, noticeable and incredibly annoying/problematic low-volume white noise that appears. In one out of every three or four tries, there is a high-pitched whining noise that makes listening utterly unbearable. It is better to simply let the battery fully charge so you can enjoy about 6-7 hours of unbroken, clean audio.

Beyond those weird feedback issues with plugging the speaker set in, the Rocker is a solid Bluetooth speaker. I do have to call out the incredibly bright and utterly goofy (and needless) flashlight that is on the unit; for some reason there is a flashlight embedded in the left side of the unit and is likely a source of the heavier weight and the shorter battery life when compared to the Punker. The Rocker is fairly bulky, if compact, and does lend itself well to being a survival tool. It just makes no sense, especially under the concept that this will likely be paired with a smart phone and smart phones often contain incredibly bright LED flashlights on them (the iPhone 6S LED light is stupidly bright). Adding the light here seems to be a silly gimmick that makes little practical sense, but it does work well and is bright enough.

Though there are some bizarre choices, like the inclusion of a flashlight, or the fact that all controls on the unit are durable, rubberized buttons yet the On/Off switch is a small yet not-durable physical switch, the Vtin Rocker Bluetooth speaker can easily withstand light soaking in rain or an accidental dunk in the tub, all the while providing a clean, clear sound whether you are listening to audio books or your favorite Christmas carols (just kidding ... for now). Even if it is not as rich and robust as the Vtin Punker, the Rocker is well worth the low cost of acquisition (it can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011E49E6Q) and is an excellent return on your hard earned money. 

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