BlazeRush - PC / VR Review

BlazeRush offers some incredibly frantic racing action that is a blast with multiplayer. The environments are inventive and the overall gameplay is exciting. While virtual reality is certainly a welcome addition to the game, BlazeRush is a good time even without the Oculus Rift. There enough modes and options to keep you coming back for more and the simple yet effect control scheme is indeed an addicting one.

BlazeRush understands what it is - an action-packed racing game that is all about steering. The controls took a little getting used to as you are not braking or accelerating - it's full go all of the time. Once you get past that mental hurdle, you can sit back and enjoy the game for the breakneck fun that it is.

Of course an inability to slow down makes tight turns, ramps and sections of road that lack guard rails all the more exciting. Of course, that is not to say that the racing is lacking gameplay options. You will find speed bonuses that can be picked up along the way and of course weapons. The weapons are nothing new as they range from guns to goo and more. Like these weapons, the different modes don't offer up anything new, but what is there is generally good, enjoyable stuff. There is a single player mode and some online options to play with. Additionally races can have different objectives where you try to stay in first place for a set amount of time, a death match style of race where you try to keep from getting steamrolled and of course lap-based racing as well. Really these races are more about staying alive than outrunning the competition, and like the unique control scheme, once you wrap your head around it, the system is a lot of fun.

Of course, the biggest issue with all of the above is that while it is fun, none of it is terribly new or innovative in any particular way. Credit to the development team for doing a nice job with the various systems, but once you get used to not accelerating and braking, there's not a lot new here.

The presentation is generally strong. The soundtrack absolutely rocks, with some super catchy tunes that fit the frantic gameplay style perfectly. Visually BlazeRush is merely alright. It's not a real detailed game, but it animates well enough and the somewhat top-down to 3/4 perspective pops quite attractively on the Oculus Rift. No movement issues at all for me when playing for an hour or two, which was great. The camera is a little less forgiving as it remains anchored on the lead car at alll times, so if you happen to fall behind? Well, that can kind of suck, frankly as you wind up relying on the map instead of the actual cars. That being said, the game remains lightning fast without slowing down or getting choppy, so I can live with some so-so textures since fluidity is far more important to the overall experience.

In terms of depth and replay value, any game with multiplayer is going to have a longer shelf life, and since all of the modes have multiplayer options, that is a nice feather in the cap for BlazeRush. Every now and then the connectivity can be a little flaky, however. There is a single player campaign mode, and it tries to at least give you some context for the crazy world these racers occupy. It is completely forgettable fluff, but I like that they at least tried to provide something there.

BlazeRush is not the best racing game out there, nor the most imaginative, but it is very well executed and when coupled with my Oculus Rift, it provides a pretty unique experience. My only other racing game thus far has been a first person futuristic racer, so I personally appreciated that BlazeRush was something different. There are some rough issues here and there, but the overall game is worth experiencing.

Game Information

PC - Oculus Rift
Targem Games
Targem Games
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4

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Article by Nick

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