Victsing LCD Video Projector - Hardware Review

For its price, the Victsing LCD Video Projector is a really good unit. This is a compact/portable projector that kicks out a respectably bright image and can be hooked into in a variety of different ways. Considering just how expensive projectors can be, this one rings in at less than a hundred bucks and provides pretty solid value.

As a miniature projector, this guy is a little less than a foot in width and length, and less than six inches tall. It is lightweight and compact. At first I was concerned with how lightweight it was, because I thought the build quality would be suspect, but it transports pretty nicely, with no issues from whatever movement I subject it to. With a lamp rated for 20,000 hours, obviously I was not able to fully test that, but credit goes to the unit for maintaining a cool temperature even when used for a few hours in a row. That bodes well for the lamp life, where heat is the number one culprit when lamps burn out.

Now, there are a few issues to note and get out of the way. The instruction manual is pretty poorly translated. The power cable as well as the provided cables could certainly be longer. I suspect that is because this is generally meant to be a portable projector, not a permanent fixture, but in some instances I was using my own cables simply because they were longer. The audio quality is decent - not amazing but it gets the job done. You might want to use a better external option depending on your viewing space (for example if you are indoors where walls can help contain the sound, you will be in better shape than if you are outdoors where the audio can leak away in all directions).

The actual screen video is pretty solid. You can adjust for keystone easily enough (most commonly dealt with when you have the projector at a lower level than the surface you are projecting it onto), and the focus can pull in a pretty crisp image. This is a manual focus, but I am find with that as I've had lots of lousy luck with the automated variety and just prefer to do so myself (quick focus tip is to look for the grid lines on a really light/white color. If you can see those pixel lines crisply, you are usually in focus). At 1,200 lumens you have a picture that is bright enough for most situations. A variety of different inputs (VGA, HDMI, USB, AV, SD Card) allow you to work with all kinds of different devices (tablets, computers, game consoles, etc). Want to put Mario Kart on an entire wall? Have at it.

So all in all, I would say that the Victsing LCD Video Projector (which can be purchased here: provides really good value for its price. Some tips for success when working with projection:

- Be aware of ambient light. This projector is solid at 1,200 lumens, but the further the projector is away from the surface you are showing it on, the dimmer it will be. Nearby sources of light have the potential to wash out the image

- If at all possible, use HDMI. One cable for audio and video plus the best video quality

- Be aware that the sharper the angle up or down from projection to wall, the more distorted the top or bottom of the image will be. The further it is from the projector, the wider the image will become. Use the keystone option to fix this.

- This is a 1080P projector that puts out a native 80x480 image. There is a menu option that lets you alternate between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

- You do not need a screen to project on, but a good screen certainly can enhance the brightness of the image. That being said, find a white surface of consistent surface quality for best results. A sheet is completely viable

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