A look at diplomacy in the upcoming Nobunaga's Ambition

We have been covering this game a great deal (such as our hands-on preview earlier today) and with the release only a couple more weeks out, don't be surprised if we push a bit more content your way.

The press release:

KOEI TECMO America released today a wealth of new assets for upcoming famed strategy/historical simulation Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence, including a new trailer, which highlights the abundance of strategic options available to tacticians.

Using Diplomacy to improve foreign affairs is a key ingredient to building a powerful clan in Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence. Although it’s a slow-burning process that doesn’t provide the fast-paced, exhilarating action that battles do, Diplomacy can wield very fruitful results. For example, players can cultivate relationships with nearby clans and tribes to ensure they won’t take up arms or join enemy armies. Good diplomatic relationships with other lords can also lead to forging longer lasting alliances, or coalition armies against a common enemy. Prolonged good relationships might allow players to assimilate tribes into their clan, thus increasing the population and sphere of influence of their fief.

Additionally, diplomatic ties to the imperial court – although costly – can lead to an increase in rank through the award of nobility titles. These titles can be acquired on behalf of the clan lord or passed on by the lord to subordinate officers to increase their loyalty and provide a multitude of benefits, including an increase in influence and a decrease in cost for various diplomatic actions.

On the darker side of Diplomacy, players can assign officers to covert operations and espionage. These can include reconnaissance missions, or attempts to entice and create discontent amongst enemy officers. Keeping officer loyalty and satisfaction high is the only way to prevent NPC spies from leading officers away from the players’ clan and ensuring betrayal won’t hit from those closest to the top!

And now - images and video: