Two Worlds II DLC Shattered Embrace Announced for December

Karlsruhe - November, 15th 2019 - TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios are excited to announce the continuation of their award-winning Two Worlds II saga with the final single-player part, "Shattered Embrace", set for release on Friday, December 6th, 2019.

Furthermore, you can explore all details of the new RPG Adventure on the newly launched website

Picking up immediately after the events of "Call of the Tenebrae", you and your companions are stunned when the mythical, long lost Elves suddenly resurface on a remote island! But surprise quickly turns to alarm as the Elves reemergence brings a secret from the past with sinister echoes of the Tenebrae Order’s ancient evil! Now, with evil bearing down on the land and the unity of the races broken, the Shattered Embrace may spell doom for all of Antaloor!

With Dar Pha’s troubled mind assaulted by buried memories of her Elven heritage and an elite strike force of Adramelech’s zealots bearing down on you, you and your friends race to the Elven Kingdom of Arveran, only to find that the truce between Elves, Humans, and Orcs has been shattered. In the kingdom of the Elves, seeds of distrust and prejudice planted long ago have borne bitter fruit and evil now wears many unexpected faces…

Explore the Elven kingdom with its majestic capital Shadinar on a vast, tropical island, where sunny, seemingly tranquil beaches are guarded by advanced machines and Elven magic. Pair with the Captain of the Royal guard and play detective in the biggest settlement in Two Worlds history as you investigate a dark plot and a brutal murder that threatens both the Kingdom and the royal family! Travel to lush forests and the steppes to hunt wild beasts outside the city walls for sport and ingredients, but don’t forget to equip yourself for your adventures and pick up side-quests in the bustling merchant port-town of Freehaven. Then, prepare yourself to enter a forbidden dimension, where a blood-red sun casts its sickly light on Hell itself and an ancient, slumbering God begins to stir!

Shattered Embrace will be available as DLC for Two Worlds II, as a Standalone Version, it is also part of the Two Worlds II Season Pass and Collectors Retail Version of Two worlds II + Season Pass. Two Worlds II Season Pass holders will automatically receive this new DLC.

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Article by Susan N.