Autonauts Launch is Successful According to a New Infographic

London, UK - Thursday, 31st October: Today Curve Digital and Denki have released a new infographic to mark Autonauts’ impressive launch on PC earlier this month.

In Autonauts players are responsible for colonising planets by harvesting natural resources using the power of robot-powered automations which they code on the fly.

It’s clear this unique ‘Playful Programming’ premise has struck a chord with many management game fans around the world with over 57,000 tutorials completed and 88,000 achievements (commonly known as badges) in-game unlocked. The infographic accompanying this press release has more delightfully colourful insights.

This impressive scale is also reflected in Autonauts’ sales since launch according to its publisher, Curve Digital, who have stated that the game has become one of its best sellers.

"Everyone at Curve was totally enraptured with Autonauts the moment we first set eyes on it – so to see it received so well globally has been a genuine thrill,” said Simon Byron, publishing director at Curve Digital. “To become Curve’s fourth highest-grossing Steam game within 7 days of launch is a real endorsement of the game Denki have created. With some significant free updates in the works, this is just the start of our adorable Bots’ adventures."

Priced at £17.99, $19.99 and €19.99 respectively, Autonauts is currently sitting at 79 on metacritic and has over 477 reviews on Steam, 83% of which are positive.

Curve Digital and Denki are also happy to announce an aggressive post-release strategy for Autonauts which will see the game receive meaningful new features and content for at least the next six months and importantly, all of this new content will be added to the game for no extra cost.

"The response to Autonauts has been just phenomenal. We want to thank everyone for supporting the game, not only since its launch on Steam but also back in the old pre-pre-pre-Alpha days on," said Denki's Creative Director Gary Penn.
My dev bud Aaron and I are amazed by what players are doing with Autonauts: some cunning script ideas, some lovely-looking worlds and some surprising bugs, which we're fixing - and acting on suggestions, too. We're also working on lots of fab new ideas for free future updates, like more technology, machines, structures, vehicles, resources and a whole new Age for the game. We'll share more about all that Autonaut-y goodness real, real soon. Cheers!

To learn more about Autonauts and to stay up-to-date with the game’s continued evolution, please visit the official Steam product page:

About Curve Digital

Curve Digital is one of the leading publishers of games on PC and consoles. Since 2013, the company has been working with some of the world’s best game developers to help bring their games to the broadest possible global audience; from indie hits like Dear Esther to the likes of the multi-million-selling Human: Fall Flat. In 2017 Curve Digital was recognised by the celebrated Develop Industry Excellence Awards as ‘Publishing Hero’ and crowned ‘Indie Games Publisher of the Year’ at the 2018 and 2019 MCV Awards. Curve Digital was also a 2019 finalist for MCV’s ‘Community Management of the Year’.

About Denki

Denki is a video game developer based in Dundee, Scotland which was founded in 2000 by 4 developers from the now-defunct, DMA Design. Denki has worked extensively in the digital interactive television (DiTV) market, as well as other gaming platforms, and has produced bespoke licensed gaming products with the biggest entertainment brands on the planet. Autonauts is an original IP from the studio and their next big release.

Article by Susan N.