Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition - Switch Review

Cars, zombies, guns, what’s more to need? Welcome to the world of zombie apocalypse run and gun, or in this case drive and gun. Let’s mow ‘em down and plow ‘em down, cuz it’s time to roll out!

Zombie Driver plays like something you would find in an arcade, or maybe on Newgrounds back in the day. Well, the better part of Newgrounds, at least. You’ve got a top-down view of your car, and you drive around town, or the arena your mission relegates you to, running over and shooting zombies. You have the standard forward-reverse sometimes sketchy turning controls, as well as a nitro boost for plowing through a large swathe of zombies, especially since hitting them slows you down. You also have a slew of weapons available to help get rid of your undead foes.

There are three modes to keep you entertained:

Story Mode, Blood Race mode, and Survival mode. Story mode gives you the basic quest mode, where you’re given a task to do, as well as a subtask, that you complete for money and upgrades for your cars. As you progress through the story missions, you can unlock other cars that can be used in the other modes. The tasks you’re given can range from escort mission to killing a horde of zombies.

The blood race mode isn’t as self-explanatory as you might think. Yes, there are races involved, but there are also elimination and time-attack style modes within blood race as well. In elimination mode you have to destroy as many other vehicles as possible within the time limit, and in the time-attack style mode you’re racing to checkpoints to extend your time, seeing how long you can go for.

Survival mode is pretty cut and dry, you’ve got an arena type area, a bunch of zombies, kill as many as you can before your car gets destroyed.

Overall, while there are a lot of modes that are offered, Zombie Driver is pretty basic in what it offers, which is just what a game like this needs. The story missions are generally quick and uncomplicated, and the blood race and survival modes are pretty easy to understand as well. While the voice acting definitely left something to be desired, and while the writing is a little cringy at times, it isn’t to the point where it should really affect how much enjoyment you get. The controls feel a little rubber-banded, not in the sense that enemies get better with you, but rather the more you try and turn, the faster you turn, which often lead to me crashing into walls and houses, or going down the wrong street.

Ultimately, Zombie Driver is one of those games you pick up to play while you’re on the bus, or in the car (not driving) going somewhere. It’s a great title to pick up for a mission/round or two, but it definitely isn’t something I’d be able to sit down with for more than half an hour to an hour at a time, maximum. With the portability the Switch offers, if you use your Switch as a handheld more than a console, this may be that title to fill in the time for your weekly commute that you’ve been looking for.

Game Information

Nintendo Switch
EXOR Studios
EXOR Studios
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Zombie Driver HD - PC

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