Moloch Media Announces Shadows and Dust

Moloch Media, creator of Mars Underground, announce their upcoming new game:


A ghost story.

"In that sleep of death what dreams may come."

A dim view.
A dark room.
Someone else is here.
Shadows and Dust is a narrative game about regret. It combines short sections of first person exploration with text-based scenes of interactive dialogue.

Some choices can't be taken back.

Shadows and Dust is based on the author's own nightmares. Content warning: suicide, mental illness, depression.

Created with Ink, WWISE and Unity 3D.

Check out the Steam page for more info.

About Moloch Media

Formed in 2015, Moloch Media released their debut game MARS UNDERGROUND earlier this year. Winner of a place in the Indie Showcase at PAX Australia, an Octopix for best game and nominated for several awards at Freeplay 2019.

Visit our official website here!

Article by Susan N.



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