PlataGO - Switch Review Revisited

Original Review - Score has been amended to this one

When I review a game that is so clearly aimed at nostalgia, I tend to view that game as though it wields a philtre, tugging on the nostalgia to endear itself to the gamer.  The problem with this is that different people grew up with different games, and some of us like a given genre of games more than others.

This flaw in reasoning is evident with PlataGO, and after hearing from the developer, I know that in some capacities, I was straight up incorrect.  I leaned rather heavily upon my disdain of the physics, but as it turns out, the default physics (which were the ones chosen after years of community-driven preferences) are indeed changeable through the fine-tuning menu available.  In this instance, these things fell through the cracks due to the sheer amount of customisation available to creators.

The fact that the community of level creators don't use these is simply a community liking a specific thing, in much the way that Mario Maker speedrunners like kaizo blocks (which are hidden blocks set over gaps designed to be hit and cause you to die) and impossible jumps... something that the majority of the playerbase would detest.

They've also mentioned the version differences, noting that if there are enough users to warrant continued support (Nobody can fault a developer for directing their attention towards the platform of the game with the majority of users) that a sprite editor will be added in via an update in the future.

Information being the best way to avoid mistakes, and so armed now, I find myself much more appreciative of this piece of software.  It's still not quite what I was expecting, but it is so much more than I thought that it was.  I am sufficiently suffonsified with PlataGO.

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Single Player
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Article by Marc H.