Kingdoms of the Lost - Merriment of Masks festival is live

Happy Halloween to all of our readers. It is time for some tricks and some treats, and Kingdoms of the Lost - a roleplaying MUD that recently celebrated its fifteenth year in action - is having its annual Merriment of Masks festival.

Looks like a good time to drop in, with some boosts to help accelerate questing, leveling and more.

Here is their post about it.

The festivals on Kingdoms of the Lost usually entail auctioned goods from the admins, a festival ground that opens up for a short time (and has a variety of goods not normally purchasable during the rest of the year), unique combat bonuses that can get triggered and more.

For those who have not played or even heard of MUDs, essentially they are online roleplaying games that are based on chat room technology. They have been around for years, and they run a range of themes, from existing IPs like Star Wars or Dragon Ball Z to completely original worlds such as Kingdoms of the Lost.

There is a wide variety of objectives in these types of games, from social activity like roleplaying to antisocial behavior such as player versus player (Godwars is particularly well-known for this). Either way, they are generally free and worth a look as they served as the foundation for many of today's popular graphical MMOs.

Take care and we hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Article by Nick