Games of October

It’s that time again! We've once again changed the layout somewhat in order to make things easier and cause less scrolling to get to the information that you're here for.

I really hope that everyone has been saving up because October is still looking like a brutal wallet crushing month!

Tuesday October 6th

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

Sony PlayStation 4

Death in Darksiders 2 took a different approach to the Appocalypse than his brother War in the original Darksiders. Being less like a mature Zelda and using a bit more of an exploratory method with some MMO elements, Death explored the now wasted realm of Earth in order to clear his brother's name. Being given an upgraded treatement, Darksiders 2 now supports an upgraded engine, all DLC, and plenty of reworking to better balance the gameplay. Now here's hoping that Darksiders 3 and 4 can possibly make their way into our hands through Nordic...

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Sony PlayStation 3 / Vita

Dengeki Buno looks rather interesting fighter with its lineup of fighters to go head to head against each other from anime and manga such as Sword Art Online to one of my favorites of The Devil is a Part-Timer! and one of my recent favorites Toradora! in which Robert recently reviewed. Who comes out on top? That's for your skill to decide!

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Sony PlayStation 4

Nick's Previewed it, Nick's Reviewed it, and finally the rest of us normal Overlord Minions are going to get to play it!

Finally here is the fifth entry into the Makai Senki universe with an all new cast on a quest to beat the crap out of Void Dark, someone who's apparently has it coming for a variety of reasons with everyone that's after him.

Now I just hope there's some cameo from Valvatorez or at least a mention of Sardines!


Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

Fans of racing games will have a bit to look forward to this month with Ride hitting both the PS4 and the XB1.

Ride four different categories of motorcycles with more than enough different models to keep you busy. Not happy with the standard look as you race around the track? Customize everthing to your liking and beat your oponents in class.

Rock Band 4

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

It's back.

This month is seeing the revival of both Harmonix's new baby Rock Band and its former child of Guitar Hero.

Get ready to play or sing a slew of new and old tracks once again on the newer generation of consoles! Have older Rock Band instruments and DLC? These are supported and not lost to the vaults of time as they can be dusted off and used once again.

Transformers: Devastation

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360

The old school Transformers are back.

Using their original colours and animation styles, Platinum Games have given them a fast paced action treatment that looks metal crushingly good as you take out the Decepticons.

Friday October 9th

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is seeing a bit of love this month and one of the first such titles to grace it's sleek design is Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash.

Enter this intriguing world of platforming while using nothing more than a cabled spark plug to make your way accross multiple stages and defeat enemies. Added bonus? It comes with its own Amiibo for fans of these!

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide


After having worked on the masterpiece that is Civilizations V, the Sid Meier's brand took a look back out to space with Beyond Earth going back to the ideas it created in Alpha Centauri

Back for more, Beyond Earth is receiving its first expansion which hosts a slew of new gameplay elements to re-keep you occupied for days on end. Just rememeber to take a break every day or so as once within its grap, time feels like it stands still and nothing else matters but one more turn.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Sony PlayStation 4

The original Uncharted Trilogy is back in higher quality for the PS4!

Re-built and given a bit of a makeover from the PS3, re-experience the past events before the release of Uncharted 4! Maybe now is a good time to actually play the thid entry... I've at least played The Last of Us!

Tuesday October 13th

Arland Atelier Trilogy

Sony PlayStation 3

Like the Disgaea Collection last month, the original version of the Arland trilogy from the Atelier series are seeing the same treatment here in North America as Europe saw this past March.

Containing Atelier Rorona, Totori, and Memururu, players who have yet to pick them up or their enhanced Vita versions will have the oppertunity to experience them all in one neat package.

Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One / 360

Back to the Future was my introduction to time travel and all of the craziness that the 80s really had to offer.

The Back to the Future game itself takes place after the events of the third movie in which the Doctor dissapears. Being released once again under the moniker of the 30th Anniversary, re-experience TellTales sequel as it comes to the newest generations of consoles.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Sony PlayStation Vita

It's getting closer to Halloween and what better time to release something like this?

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the final installment of the Corpse Party series that started back on Sony's PSP. Is horror your thing? Are you ok to make decisions that haunt you forever after? Then this is for you.

Dragon Quest Heroes

Sony PlayStation 4

A lot of us here at CGR are big Musou fans and all have our favorites from the Dynasty to Samurai, Orochi to the Gundams, and even over to the Pirates of One Piece.

Being a fan of the Dragon Quest Series I'm more than excited to finally be able to experience it within the musou style especially with my current quest of running through the series starting at the first and currently exploring the realm of the third!

Experience this brand new Dragon Quest story with characters new and old (IV, V, VI, VIII) as they defend a one peaceful realm as the monsters now attack those that they once lived in harmony with.

Grand Ages: Medieval

Sony PlayStation 4

Having only having released on the PC and through Steam last month, Grand Ages: Medieval launches this month on Son'y PlayStation 4.

The Legend of Legacy

Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Legacy is a throwback RPG to an older time where handholding didn't exist and if you wanted to know what was happening? You had to figure it out for yourself.

Using a system similar to that of Final Fanasy 2 (the actual FF2) as well as some of the Saga Games, Explore the Island of Avalon as one of seven characters available in this non traditional JRPG. Created by Furyu with former Sqaure and Level-5 members, Legend of Legacy is anything but easy and is a treat for fans of the more hardcore exploration RPGs.

A demo is currently available on the Nintendo eShop and it contains the prologue and the first two chapters with save data transferable to the full release.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

While the literary genius behind the series has sadly passed on his legacy lives on in the games.

The latest entry into Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series is here and prepare for some rather intense looking siege operations when all other avenues have failed.

The Talos Principle

Sony PlayStation 4

Console lovers of Puzzle situations are in for a treat this month.

Designed by some of the same people who worked on interesting experiences such as The Swapper, The Talos Principle is a First Person Puzzle experience that exists within the realm of Philosophical Science Fiction.

Happy Puzzle Solving!

Wasteland 2

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

Divinity: Original Sin is not the only stellar Turned Based experience coming to consoles this month.

From his Original Impressions to his Final Verdict, Robert absolutely loved Wasteland 2 which is the sequel almost decades in the making.

Experience Wasteland 2 on the consoles this month!

Friday October 16th

Yoshi's Woolly World

Nintendo WiiU

If anything needed to be said about this other than it's absolutely adorable and cute? Then the mechanics look solid and as an added bonus not only does Yoshi not need to worry about a crying Baby Mario, but Yoshi doesn't need to go at it alone as other players and drop in to help for an added fun time!

Tuesday October 20th

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360
Nintendo Wii U / 3DS

Adventure Time is making its way once again over to the realm of video games!

Join Finn & Jake in this new Action Adventure experience as it releases later this month.

Dragonball Z: Extreme Butoden

Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z!!!

Sorry I had to get that out of my system! Dragon Ball is making an appearance this month on the Nintendo 3DS. GO back into a 2D fighting style in order to deal both powered up attack and experience some Super Saiyen action that we have all at one point yelled until our voices gave out to no avail. Guess we are only human after all!

Guitar Hero Live

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360
Nintendo Wii U

As mentioned earlier with Rock Band, Guitar Hero is also making its comeback.

Unlike Rock Band however, it seems like Guitar Hero is making itself more accessible to the previous generation of consoles as well as the newer ones. Available for the PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, and the WiiU, players will be able to once again pick up their guitar to jam to a variety of tracks on a newly designed guitar controller.

Just Dance 2016

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360
Nintendo Wii / Wii U

Not to be left out of the Rthym style, Just Dance is also making a splash into the crowd this month.

Available to current and previous console generation owners, Just Dance 2016 offers new tracks and modes for people to groove the evenings away to.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

Does anyone really need anything more said than the title?

The Overlord is back and this time he's brought friends! Play the newest entry into this dark humored series either alone or with friends locally or online.

Can you bring the darkness back to the world overrun by the goody two shoes?

Tales of Zestiria

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3

There's no question to how much we love the Tales of Series around here.

Finally arriving in North America, Tales of Zesteria is making its way over to more than a single system at release for the first time. Releasing upon the PS3, PS4, and the PC, lovers of the series will have the choice as to how they play it as the series has been made more accessible.

The end of the month could not come fast enough.

Saturday October 20th

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

The Assassins are back.

Roam the streets of Victorian England during the Industrial Revolution alongside the likes of Jack the Ripper with one of two possible protagonists for the first time in the series.

Tuesday October 27th

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

Divinity: Original Sin was a masterpiece.

Having revamped the experience with the Enhanced Edition, current owners of the PC version will be receiving this free of charge while console owners of both PS4 and XB1 will be able to experience it for the first time. Assuming they do not have a PC.

Don't wait on this one! Go do it!

Halo 5: Guardians

Microsoft Xbox One

343 Studios are back with their first Halo for the Xbox One.

Like Bungie's Halo Reach, Halo 5 is all about Master Chief but he's not quite in the driver's seat this time.

Pick up your Spartan gear with Locke as he and Fire Team Osiris set out to find Master Chief and fight off the Forerunner intrusion after the destruction of a human colony.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Sony PlayStation 4/3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360
PC / Mac
Android / iOS

So this happened!

Telltale are at it again with their brilliant storytelling and have decided to tackle Minecraft. Join Steve in a whole new way as Telltale brings the world to life.

Monster High: New Ghoul in School

Sony PlayStation 3
Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii / Wii U / 3DS

Not being a parent, and thus not having younger children, this is something that I've not really heard of. But compared to everything else on the list, it looks like Monster High is a game for the younger audience and in such they've made it more accessible being on both the current and the past generation of consoles.

Here's More: Come roam the halls of Monster High and get to know your new classmates. Join clubs, make friends and dress up in fierce fashions. But be aware, there’s something strange going on at Monster High! Cleo’s new amulet has been cursed by the spirit of Spookenhamen, and the student body is falling under his spell. Use your skills and savvy to help save the school and all your new classmates from the mummy’s curse! Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.

MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore

Sony PlayStation 4
Microsoft Xbox One

Ride is not the only racing game this month!

Taking things a bit more offroad, MX vs. ATV offers plenty of literal dirty racing and some stellar stunts for all those offroad stunt lovers.


Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360

Continuing on the subject of dirty racing, WRC moves more into the rally car aspect of offroad racing. Moving more off track than on get your car dirty as you race everyone else to the finish line.

WWE 2K16

Sony PlayStation 4 / 3
Microsoft Xbox One / 360

Finally here is one last title that really doesn't need to have any introductions.

Wrestling is back for your in arena entertainment! Just don't forget your chair before heading into the ring!

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