Blue Microphones SnowBall iCE USB Microphone - Hardware Review

Headphone microphones are nice for when a person is sitting alone playing online or recording within the comfort of their living room or study. But when there’s more than one person involved it can get mildly awkward to setup multiple headphones on a console or even on a computer or laptop for everyone to be heard properly without massive feedback. It’s in times like these that an actual dedicated microphone comes in handy and the SnowBall iCE USB Microphone from Blue is more than up to the task.

First off, the main advantage of this giant ball of a microphone is how sturdy it is, there’s no fear in breaking it. It, however breaking something by falling on it is a different story with its hard plastic and metal mesh build. The microphone is simply a ball that could fit into a tiny slot or alcove of a computer desk making it quite easy to hide out of the way of mice and keyboards. For others worried about it rolling away or would prefer it to be much closer and standing on a desk or table, there is a tripod that comes with it which simply screws into the bottom of the mic. This tripod not only allows it to sit comfortably, but it also allows for the mic to be vertically adjusted to better hear the person speaking.

Coming with the microphone is a thick USB cable that is designed to fit into the back of the mic. Unlike a lot of newer USB 3.0 cables, this one is not only thick but sturdy with no worries about it tearing if it accidentally gets caught on something. Simply plugging the cable into the computer gives it the power it needs to run and it is instantly available to use. That was one of the key highlights for me, in a day and age of everything requiring specific software or drivers to be installed, this was a true Plug and Play device that delivers clear sound through both voice chatting and recording software.

The SnowBall iCE USB Microphone from Blue is a great device for when headphones are not needed or if you have multiple people sitting down to a recording at once. With clear sounds, sturdy build, and an easy setup, the SnowBall iCE easily justifies its price tag.

Type Microphone

Publisher(s) Blue Microphones
Platform PC

Review by Pierre-Yves

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