Extra Life 2015

Hi everyone!

So for something a little bit different, I want to bring attention to something that I've only heard about over the past couple of years. 

Extra Life, which this year is from Noon on November 7th until Noon on November 8th, is an annual event for gamers to raise money specifically for local Children's Hospitals in their areas. What can really be heart-breaking is that some kids check in, but they never get to check back. This is the reason that all of this started. So with that in mind, this year I've decided to participate myself instead of just giving a donation to someone else, but regardless of this fact, all funds go directly to the organization of the player's choice so every little bit counts.

Here is my Extra Life page.

I will be Twiching at least a full playthrough of Bloodborne. From there it'll be anything from Samurai Warriors 4-II or Saints Row IV and with however much time is left... I'm hoping to have Bloodborne done again by then!

More details on a schedule (as I don't think the PS4 and the projector will live for 24hours straight) will be forthcoming both here at CGR (which I thank Nick for letting me talk about here) and over at my Facebook Page of the WrathOf314.

Thanks for reading everyone and as always,

Happy Gaming!


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