Shadowgate - PC Review

This throwback to the NES classic hits almost all the right notes

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 - Vita Review

The original game was charming, but flawed. Re;Birth 1 fixes almost all of that.

Akiba's Trip - PS3 Review

It's like playing an anime

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar - PC Review

Some good takes on the tactical genre, but somewhat lacking in depth in the end

Whispering Willows - PC Review

A memorable, haunting point-and-click adventure

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sentris hits Early Access

The crowd-funded musical puzzler Sentris hit Early Access last week and so far it looks pretty promising.

Friday, August 29, 2014

NeocoreGames announces Deathtrap

We were pretty big fans of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, so to hear that their team is tackling tower defense? Well, count me in.

Heroes of a Broken Land - PC Review

Well, I did not see this coming. With visuals and sound that feel like a throwback to a much older era of play, Heroes of a Broken Land surprised me by mixing and matching several styles into an all-new gaming experience. Visually it reminds of the old Heroes of Might and Magic turn-based games, with a hex-based overworld grid and incredibly simple graphics. Like kicking off a game of Civilization, you can pick the size of the world you want to create, which is then procedurally generated, like everything else. What follows are a dungeon crawling experience, played out on a turn-based hex map in between caverns, with a bit of city management thrown in for good measure. It is ambitious, and it works.

Rogue Legacy - PS Vita Review

Rogue Legacy comes to us courtesy of Cellar Door Games, who launched a desktop version last year and recently re-released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita. With the new version available now, I decided to take another, closer look at this “Rogue-lite”. Success of other recent Rogue-like titles like Binding of Isaac, Don’t Starve and FTL have already shown that the modern gamer is more than willing to embrace the punishing, yet rewarding, gameplay style inspired by the original text-based “Rogue” title.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Interstellar Marines hits 100k - adding co-op

Good news for co-op fans, because the team at Zero Point is adding co-op gameplay to their Early Release title, Interstellar Marines.

ArcheAge - PC PReview

A lot of MMOs have come and gone over the last decade or so, but Trion Worlds has brought some interesting free-to-play ones to the table. ArcheAge promises to bring a sandbox feel to the MMO world with player driven structures and economy and less rigid progression structures. By and large the early returns are looking positive, with ArcheAge proving to be an attractive game with a lot of promise so far.

Fist of Awesome - PC Review

Please note that this review is for bearded folk only; those of you that do not have said beard must spend an eternity ever wondering what it is like to be so blessed by such awesome chops. Fist of Awesome is a manly-man's game; it makes those Old Spice commercials seem like a group of frail little school-girls huddled up around the newest fashion doll (now with 8 opposable joints!). In the world of video games, Fist of Awesome is Chuck Norris; that fist hidden in Chuck's beard? It is a Fist of Awesome. If you do so happen to have a beard, please, pick up the nearest fallen tree to use as a tooth pick and come right on into this wonderful land of bear-punching goodness.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Street Fighter IV is ringing in around 5 years - how much has it grown?

In the past I have gone on and on about my adoration for Street Fighter. No seriously - there is more than one article, including a look back at 25 years of Street Fighter. We even had a chance to play and review some of the Street Fighter IV versions of the game in the past. Now that Street Fighter IV is hovering around the five year mark (hard to believe the first iteration came out in 2009), I thought I would share some cool information about the latest and greatest iteration of the game, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Shadowgate - PC Review

The original Shadowgate was one of the best-known point-and-click adventures ever, and I recall being up entirely too late at night, trekking through the pixelated, living castle on the NES so many years ago. I clung to the text, carefully trying to soak in every last piece of my environment, because failure to do so would inevitably lead to a horrible (and often frustrating) death.

This take on the game nearly two and a half decades later is not a simple port, but a newly imagined quest that has a great deal to do with the original, but offers more twists and turns than the original. The interface is still the somewhat clunky point-and-click one I remember working through in the past, but with a new soundtrack and visuals that make going back to Shadowgate worthwhile.

Whispering Willows - PC Review

Whispering Willows is an interesting take on what feels like it could have been a Point and Click Adventure. Instead of using a mouse, it instead requires moving left and right from one end of the screen to the other manually instead of pointing and clicking in order to examine the various locations. This makes the requirement of actually moving across the screen much more necessary compared to a Point and Click, as by exploring each area from one end to the other will uncover things that might not have otherwise been seen if just scrolling by with a mouse.