Bayonetta 2 - Wii U Review

Sexy, stylish and a lot of fun - proof that not all Wii U games require Mario

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PS4 Review

Huge world, tremendously ambitious - Dragon Age: Inqusition is a success by almost any measure

Geometry Wars 3 - Xbox One Review

It's time to take aim at some familiar shapes - but with some new twists in the gameplay

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One Review

Some signs of new life in this yearly shooter are more than welcome

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Xbox 360 Review

A cool take on competitive online, but it feels dated in places

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dying Light's Intro Reveals the Origin of the Harran Crisis

There has been a lot of good Dying Light content coming out lately, so let's take a look at the two most recent items.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - PS4 Review

Interestingly my game of the year landed just before the end of the year. Talk about going out on a high note. There have been a number of really good RPG games over the last couple of years, but Dragon Age: Inquisition with its massive world, interesting story that grows better over time and plentiful choices that feel impactful make this a game that is easy to lose hundreds of hours in. I realized that about seventy hours in I had only done about half of what Dragon Age: Inquisition had to offer - and I was already wondering how events might play out differently if I had been using a different character who made vastly different choices.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Xbox 360 Review

I first picked up Chivalry a couple of years ago when it released on the PC. I enjoyed it well enough despite some flaws and always felt like this was a title that would perform well on a console. Certainly using a controller felt more natural than a mouse and keyboard and the title was never such a visual powerhouse that it needed state-of-the-art technology to succeed. The good news is, the game I enjoyed on the PC has been faithfully ported over to the Xbox 360. I just wish a bit more time had gone into improving upon the formula from over two years ago, because not doing so feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sean Bean bringing his voice talents to the upcoming game Kholat

Having enjoyed a good deal of Sean Bean's work over the years, I am rather pleased by this announcement. This, on top of what we have already seen about the upcoming game, looks incredibly promising.

Blackguards 2 - PC Preview

I enjoyed the first Blackguards game, which proved to be fairly deep RPG/strategy hybrid that used the rule set from The Dark Eye tabletop RPG series. In the first game, there was a ton to learn - the curve was a steep one due to the (at least to me) fairly unfamiliar gaming system behind it. Blackguards 2 looks as though it is going to account for that, with a streamline (perhaps too streamline) character advancement system while returning a very similar visual style mixed with the same kind of turn-based strategic combat as its predecessor.

Bayonetta 2 - Wii U Review

For those who say Nintendo is only interested in being a family-friendly console, I present Bayonetta 2. The first game took a lot of people by surprise (myself included) with its mix of over-the-top action, religious references and a lead character who is quite sexualized. For those who missed the first game? Relax, it is part of the package here (and also updated for the Wii U), but the real treat is in the sequel which offers a more refined experience this time around.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bloodbowl 2 coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next year

I really wanted to like the original Bloodbowl game, initially picturing it as something of a modern day Mutant League Football. It just never really clicked with me, but that does not mean I cannot be excited for Bloodbowl 2, which I find myself hoping can fix some of the earlier issues and deliver a good game.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Xbox One Review

Sledgehammer Games had the unenviable task of trying to 'do something different' with a series that is often derided for its lack of originality. FPS is my genre. I have spent more times playing shooters than probably all others combined. I got hooked back during Modern Warfare 2 and was loyal to the genre and the Call of Duty series ever sense. However, my sense of loyalty has waned over the last few years. Modern Warfare 3 was alright, but not my favorite. Black Ops II failed to tickle my interest in the same way the first Black Ops did. Then came Ghosts, which I got to play on the PlayStation 4. I figured the new console would make everything better.

It didn't.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had been reduced to line noise over the last year. Then I had a chance to play it and realized that there were still legs left in this series, and Sledgehammer Games managed to do what I thought was impossible: make me love Call of Duty again.

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode One - Zero Sum - Xbox 360 Review

You got a cel shaded action game into my adventure game engine! You got your episodic story game into my gear driven shooter! Delicious. Tales from the Borderlands takes the two great tastes of Telltale’s renowned adventure game style and Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise and crafts a completely new experience. With Telltale really hitting their groove and releasing a number of 5-part games over various properties and Borderlands coming off of the latest Pre-Sequel release in the franchise, both parts of the equation are big right now. But is Episode One of Tales from the Borderlands an odd arranged marriage to capitalize on the hot trends, or a worthy evolution of the adventure game genre and a success in its own right?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Zoink Games announces Zombie Vikings for PS4 and Steam

Zoink Games, the creators behind Stick It to The Man! have announced they are working on a new title for next summer.