Open World Star Systems to Explore, & modules to customize your ship in Underspace Early Access Launch

The spiritual successor to Freelancer with a Lovecraftian, sandbox space RPG twist.

[Boston, MA USA / Apr 10, 2024] - Developer Pastaspace Interactive, a solo dev infamously known as Trainwiz in the Starfield and Skyrim modding community for his Thomas the Tank Engine mods that convert ships and dragons – and publisher Camlann Games are thrilled to announce the Early Access launch of their first title Underspace.

Featured in GamingBolt’s “15 Big Games Launching in April 2024” roundup, Underspace is inspired by classic games such as Freelancer. It’s an open-world space RPG where every star system is crafted by hand and every sector has something to discover. It’s a truly open-world experience with no fast travel. Players accelerate their journeys by use of station-to-station lanelines, three-tiered engine thrust for local travel and jumpgates for interstellar travel.

The game follows the tragic tale of Kardoz, a disgraced noble stripped of his wealth and power now eking out a living as a starchaser. In a galaxy rife with plundering pirates, crazy cultists, sudden storms, and cosmic monsters that just normally don’t belong in space.  Starchasing is a dangerous career where the risks are great but the rewards are even greater.


  • Play Your Way: Choose from a variety of roles to tell your own story. From mercenary to miner, courier to pirate, scrapper to starchaser. Professions and ways to make coin are diverse and numerous
  • Truly Open World: Traverse 110+ handcrafted star systems, in a seamless, natural space exploration experience
  • Lovecraftian Cosmic Horrors: Face off against world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields. 35+ unique bosses stand in your way to untold riches and glory
  • Dynamic Dogfighting: Rip through enemy formations and give ‘em hell. Combat is manual and skill-based; speed and aggression are emphasized and rewarded. Dodge and weave through enemy fire while claiming kills of your own. Combat is fast with a huge variety of weaponry and ship mods to both outgun and outsmart your opponents
  • Your Ship, Your Character, Your Choice: Fly, paint, and customize 60+ different ships. Outfit your build with 500+ pieces of ship equipment. Level up your character the way you want with a deep skill tree. Unleash your own brand of peace or mayhem on the galaxy in true sandbox fashion
  • Every Star A Story: 40+ different factions to meet, all with their own alliances, goals, cultures, and preferences. Pursue the main quest or discover hidden stories and questionable motives in 45+ unique sidequests
  • Early Access Roadmap: 
    • Mod Support
    • Planned PvP and Co-op
    • Planetary exploration and EVA
    • More to be announced!

Quick Facts & Links:

Early Access Release Date: April 10, 2024
Platforms: PC on Steam & GOG
Game Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer PvP & Co-op (WIP - one of first EA milestones) 
Steam Page:


About Pastaspace Interactive

Pastaspace Interactive is a small but mighty team headed by veteran game developer Kevin Brock, humorously known for his viral Skyrim mod that replaces dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine. Brock has been working steadily on Underspace for the past 6 years, including launching a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised 127% of its goal on July 19, 2020. Brock’s vision of Underspace has been inspired by classics like Freelancer.

About Camlann Games

Camlann Games is a newly formed video game publisher from Boston, MA, US with a focus on meaningful, fun and highly replayable games. With industry veterans at its core, Camlann Games intends to back passionate developers, vibrant worlds and the most unforgettable stories ever told in indie PC games.

Article by: Susan N.



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