Experience Ancient China in Pathless Woods on Steam!

April 3, 2024 - Aniya Games is excited to announce that Pathless Woods is out now on Steam Early Access at a price of $19.99 USD | 19.50 EUR and with a 10% discount during the first week. The game introduces players to a vast open-world experience, merging the essence of ancient Chinese culture with sandbox survival gameplay.

Pathless Woods draws players into a world that reflects the rich cultural and architectural heritage of ancient China. Players are invited to embark on a journey where they can construct everything from simple bridges to magnificent pagodas, gather resources, engage in traditional Chinese farming, and protect their homelands from adversaries. Pathless Woods also introduces a co-op multiplayer mode, allowing friends to come together to explore and enjoy a world where adventure meets tranquility.
The developers at Aniya Games said: “In a market flooded with many similar games in this genre, Pathless Woods' distinguishes itself with its unique ancient China theme. It combines elements of construction, exploration, and survival in a beautifully crafted world. There's a wealth of content to explore and engage with, and we're genuinely looking forward to seeing the creative endeavors our players will undertake in this world!”

Main Features

Build Your Dream Home - Let your creativity take center stage and craft beautiful structures that capture the spirit of ancient Chinese architecture. From simple wooden homes to grand mansions and pagodas, the sky's the limit!

Co-op Multiplayer Adventure - Join forces with up to three friends in an engaging co-operative experience. Explore, build, and survive together, with each contributing in their own special ways to the collective adventure.

Endure the Wilderness - Carve your own path and withstand the forces of nature alongside the threats posed by inhabitants. Adaptability is key, as you use the environment to your advantage to thrive.

Explore the Mysteries - Immerse yourself in breathtaking sceneries and engage with the local NPCs while unraveling the secrets hidden within ancient ruins. The journey is filled with potential discoveries and treasures waiting to be found. 

Protect Your Homeland - Prepare for the continuous menace of the Jaer cultists, determined to disrupt your tranquility and deplete your resources. Remain alert and protect yourself and your allies from their unyielding assaults to safeguard your land and preserve your quality of life.
Farm & Harvest - Embrace traditional Chinese agricultural practices to cultivate your crops, mastering the art of water irrigation, fertilizer use, and temperature control. Enjoy the rewards of your harvest, indulging in the exquisite tastes of Chinese cuisine.


Aniya Games Studio is formed by a duo based in Guangdong, China. They began their journey as individual creators and found companionship in each other along the way. United by a shared passion for gaming, they have created Pathless Woods, a game inspired by the essence of Byron's poetry. The game seeks to capture the serene joy found in untamed nature, offering players an endless spring of inspiration and a canvas for unbridled expression within the natural world.
Article by: Susan N.


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