Tengoku Struggle Strayside-Switch Review

Tengoku Struggle Strayside by developer Otomate and publisher Aksys Games and Idea FactorySwitch review written by Natasha with a copy provided by the publisher.
Estimated reading time: 5 1/2 minutes

LISTEN UP PRISONERS! You're all aware of the despicable sins that you've committed. *Slams both hands down on a desk* Why else would you be down here???

What's that? You don't know? Then maybe I should educate you on your misdemeanors. *Moves away from the desk to pull out a whip*

You so much as swoon, squeal, screech, moan, pant, fan, or flirt with any of these deliciously SINFUL men, *points towards the five bachelors* you will be punished! *Cracks whip across the floor*



I Sentence you...

A life of infernal punishment is what awaits those who have sinned before death. Tengoku Struggle – Strayside- takes us on a journey through hell as the daughter of the King of Darkness himself. Rin Enma, a transient, has just graduated from her Hell Guardian classes and is tasked with her first mission: retrieve the prisoners who have escaped from hell. Determined to prove her worth, she is blindly assigned some assistance: four notorious criminals who have been hand-picked from the different circles of punishment. Rin, who isn't a fan of men to begin with, reluctantly travels to the human world and begins her search for these escaped inmates. However, she'll have to resist temptation from these clever miscreants, or maybe they'll be able to untangle the threads of doubt of our young maiden's past.

Roll Call

This time around we've been bless-- *Clears throat* excuse me-- assigned some VERY bad boys. It's our job to make sure that they complete the mission of capturing and returning the escaped inmates. The human world is full of temptation for our sinners and it's up to us to keep them in check... too bad they're all so, mischievously, gorgeous.

Yona Murakami (VA: Suzuki Ryouta) {Jack Jeanne}

  • Man of the Sea

  • Sweet Tooth

  • Sir Blushalots

A Tsun-Tsun with fiery red hair, ocean blue eyes and a body that won't quit. Sentenced to the Revival Hell for murder, this sharpshooter has the ability to pierce through your heart. Don't let his lopsided attire fool you into thinking of him as an easy target. He'll fight back with vigour and sometimes doesn't play by the rules. But if you can catch him unaware of your presence, you might find out how big and soft his soul is.

Sharaku Toushuusai (VA: Ishikawa Kaito) {Piofiore, Bustafellows, Dairoku}

  • Love Doctor

  • Mr. Clean

  • Hot Trash

A playboy who is always ready to get down and dirty with anybody. It's no surprise that this sweet talking, hands-on, hat wearing individual was sentenced to the Crushing Hell for perverted acts. Would you really waste your time on such a gigolo? Perhaps, if we brush aside the brown hair that covers half his lovely face; we might be able to charm him into becoming ours, and ours alone.

Kikunosuke Uga (VA: Saitou Souma) {CollarXMalice, Birushana, Charade Maniac}

  • Werewolf in Asakusa

  • Gamer Guy

  • Sis-Con

This pup may have some sharp claws, but he's happy to loaf around and play games all day. Sentenced to the Black Rope Hell, his compact size and nimble foot work makes him an ace in thievery. Don't let his light brown hair and golden eyes fool ya. If you're not too careful he may just steal your heart, so long as you can distract him long enough to stop chasing after his little sister.

Geomon Ishikawa (VA: Yashiro Taku) {Cupid Parasite, Paradigm Paradox}

  • Heinous Criminal

  • Master Chef

  • Timeless Lover

The most ruthless, devious and baddest villain of his time period is also really, REALLY... sweet? Wait. How is someone from the Eternal Hell, the deepest circle of the eight realms of Gehenna, so kind, skillful, and considerate? This criminal who has disheveled brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes can't possibly be the man of our dreams? Or could he be hiding something more?

JacK (VA: Furukawa Makoto) {Steam Prison, Even if Tempest, Cupid Parasite}

  • Let Me Whisk You Away

  • Deja Vu

  • Animal Briber

A two-faced somebody with a strong passion for ceremonial tea serving. This tuxedo hair coloured human has a secret that stretches beyond belief. His heterochromatic eyes have more pull than his magnetic personality that seems to feed off of our naivete, but maybe we just crave to be human again. Could he help us see the light?

Good Behaviour

I've been excited about Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- for quite some time, considering the creator is the same as Olympia Soiree, my #1 Otome Game. So it doesn't surprise me that this story came jam packed with thrills and chills. The biggest key point here is the visuals: beautifully drawn to capture every character's good and bad sides. The colours pop and the detailing that is carefully picked for each individual is evident in their appearance.

We can also never turn a blind eye to the amount of steamy scenes that this game so generously grants us. I won't lie that there were a few that had me bouncing off the walls with excitement. *No lifeforms were hurt in my mass hysterical parading* Though there were times I had to wipe the steam off of my glasses just so I could continue my playthrough.

All and all, if you're looking for a romance visual novel to spice up your life, Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- has got you covered. *Slowly give you a thumps up*

Solitary Confinement

My only gripe about the game was the amount of misspelling and overlooked translations that got missed. I could probably count on both hands fully the amount of mistakes I've picked out in the game's text. Not sure if someone was in a hurry, but if I'm able to point out so many typos then I'm sure others will as well.

To Repent or To Sin

To conclude, Tengoku Struggle was a nice return to a rich story-line packed full of adventures, fantasy inducing shenanigans and gut wrenching moments that will have you screaming “MORE”! This Otome game is recommended for a more mature audience, but if you can take the heat and the heartache then I highly suggest you buckle yourself in, cause you're in for the ride of your life. I'm giving this title my rating of 9.5 out of 10. If they somehow go back in with an update to fix all those grammar mistakes, then this game will bump up to a perfect 10/10!


And that's it on today's class! I hope you can take what you've learned to reign in those urges when the going gets hot.

Now, you five! *Points to the main LIs (Love Interests)* I've prepared a Private lesson for all of you! *Closes the classroom door behind the other vacating students with a loud locking sound*

Score: 9.5 / 10



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