The Planet Crafter is available today on PC

Miju Games is Delighted to Announce the Official Release of 
The Planet Crafter, a Captivating Space Adventure 
where Creation and Exploration Meet Survival

(Paris, France) – April 10, 2024 – Miju Games, an independent French video game development studio, is over the moon to announce the official release of The Planet Crafter on PC! This game, available in early access since March 2022, offers a first-person crafting experience in a 3D open world, combining survival and exploration gameplay mechanics. The full version of the game is now available and boasts a new multiplayer mode hosting up to 10 players, several new biomes and the introduction of different animal species.

The Planet Crafter introduces a complex and innovative game system where players' actions directly influence the transformation of the world they are living in. By developing technological equipment and optimizing the space and resources at their disposal, players can observe the results of their interventions and gradually see the terraforming index increase, thus unlocking new possibilities and challenges. As they progress, they unveil the mysteries of the planet and bring life to this arid land, transforming it into a living, lush oasis, offering a rewarding experience for players.

The game features a complete and diverse immersion experience with over 30 biomes to discover, a storyline with several narrative arcs, various difficulty levels and an all-new multiplayer co-op mode for collaborating together around a common goal. Players can enjoy this epic space adventure in solo mode, or share their exploration with the community. 


In The Planet Crafter, players embark on an interstellar adventure where they must terraform a hostile planet to make it inhabitable. By producing oxygen, gathering resources and building their base, they have at their disposal all the elements they need to survive and create a new biosphere while living through the hostile conditions of the environment. The game offers a complex experience where players' actions have a direct influence on the evolution of the world, unlocking new challenges and mysteries as they progress.

With over 30 biomes to discover, a planet-wide riddle to solve, the highly expected addition of fauna and a co-operative multiplayer mode, The Planet Crafter is set to deliver immersive gameplay and rewarding progression for players, whether they choose to play solo or with friends.

"We're thrilled to finally be able to reveal version 1.0 to our community. This is by far the most content-packed update we've ever made for The Planet Crafter, and we hope players will enjoy it! Rest assured, though: we're not turning our backs on The Planet Crafter, many more updates are planned for the coming weeks and months," say the game's developers.

Game Features

  • Survive, Collect and Craft: Gather minerals and resources to survive. Craft all the tools you'll need to fulfil your mission. Explore crashed ships sites and ancient ruins to salvage at will a planet full of mystery.
  • Build your own base: Set up a base from scratch and add complex machinery to achieve your goals.  
  • Terraform the entire planet: Surviving is not enough; you'll have to make the planet habitable for humans. Once your base and machines in order, heat the planet up, create an atmosphere with enough oxygen and eventually geo-engineer the entire planet!

The Planet Crafter is available on PC for $23.99 USD. From April 10 to 24, players will enjoy a 30% discount on the purchase of the game to celebrate its launch. The Planet Crafter is partnering with Lightyear Frontier - released on March 19, 2024 - to offer an additional 10% discount on the combined purchase of the two games via the "Outer Space Homestead Bundle" offer.  

To keep up with the latest news about the game, follow The Planet Crafter on X (Twitter), YouTube and the dedicated Discord server.


About Miju Games
Founded in 2019, MIJU GAMES is an independent studio based in the south of France. The team currently consists of six people - programmers and artists - working entirely remotely. In 2020, the studio developed and published Abracadabrew, a co-op memory game, before embarking in 2021 on The Planet Crafter, a space crafting, exploration and survival game whose early access launched in March 2022 is enjoying real success through various updates.  For more information, visit


Article by: Susan N.



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